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Translation of "There is a chance" in English

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there's a chance
I think there's a real opportunity
There is a chancethat this timely intervention is therefore more effective and prevents more serious consequences.
There is a chance that this timely intervention will therefore be more effective and will pre-empt more serious consequences.
There is a chancethat the author steps in and suggests a solution.
Do you think, there is a chancethat Gibbs went to Mexico to kill Bell?
There is a chancethat facts triumph over fakes.
There is a chancethat this will open a door through which a European majority of Member States can later pass with a determined will.
There is the possibility that a door has now been opened, through which a majority of European states will later be able to pass in a determined manner.
There is a chancethat the virus didn't spread that far.
There is a chancethat these measures will stabilize the situation in the country and prevent a humanitarian catastrophe that inevitably threatens this East African country with its ten million inhabitants.
There is a chance that these measures will stabilize the internal situation and prevent a humanitarian disaster, which invitably threatens this Eastern African country with a population of ten million.
There is a chanceto become a model region for European cooperation, that is correct, but only in many years.
There is a chance for them to become a model of best practice for European regional cooperation, that is true, but this is likely to take many years.
There is a chance to turn the Pegasus Buell Experience into an institution at the Biketoberfest and to hold it again in 2011. The condition is that the PBE can be used without subsidies.
There is a chance to make the Pegasus Buell Experience an institution at the German Biketoberfest and see it happen again 2011 if a financial base could be found that the event need no subsidy.
There is a chancethat she does not know the truth.
There is a chancethat I am pregnant.
There is a chancethat Odo won't find out anything.
There is a chancethat he shows up.
There is a chanceto start a discussion about why we live in cities.
There is a chanceto send a clear signal towards liberalized rail transport by adopting this directive.
Adopting this directive would give a clear signal about liberalizing rail transport.
There is a chancethat the killer found out about it.
There is a chancethat it was one of the employees.
There is a chancethat the other is clean too.
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