What is an expensive Jamaican dish


The Tongans make many dishes from the products that the local people grow and harvest. An important vegetable on Tonga are root tubers and taro or pelea leaves. Yams are a valuable and somewhat expensive vegetable because these vegetables make more work to grow.


Topei is a coconut dish. Much is made from coconut in Tonga and the cooks in Tonga mix coconut cream into almost all dishes. This increases the number of calories. But vegetables are also introduced. This is then usually more expensive than the vegetables that you can harvest yourself on Tonga.


Often mussel dishes are on the table. The children collect mussels in the sea early in the morning, which are then prepared for the whole family. By the way, a family usually consists of eight to twelve members, sometimes even more.

Tonga loves corned beef

People like to eat fresh fruit, because there is enough freshly picked from the tree here. How about a fresh star fruit? When meat is on the table, it is usually chicken or pork. Pig farming is common in many villages and most pigs are doing quite well in Tonga, as they can happily stroll around and wallow in the mud.

Fish is also an important food. Add to this the enthusiasm of the people of Tonga for Corned beef in a can. Unfortunately, that's pretty greasy and unhealthy.

Preparation in the Umu

A traditional method of preparation in Tonga is cooking in an earth oven, the umu. To do this, a hole is dug in the ground and heated stones are placed in it. Then comes the meat that has been wrapped. On top of that there are banana leaves, which are additionally weighted down. This keeps the warmth.

It can take a few hours for the meat to be ready. The special thing about this type of preparation is the smoky taste of the meat. Such an earth oven is particularly popular on festive days.


Otai is a special drink made from water, coconut milk and various fruit juices such as coconut, melon, mango or pineapple. However, watermelons are most commonly used.

The kava round

Kava is a drink made from the root of the pepper tree and is part of men's life in Tonga. Kava also has an intoxicating effect. The men meet, drink kava and put themselves in a state of intoxication.