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Inquire in good time what vaccinations and medicines are required for Egypt. Prepare your vacation carefully, do your research and don't forget to arrange your visa and vaccinations. The medications and vaccinations required will depend on your travel plans. Read this page carefully to avoid unnecessary health risks during your vacation in Egypt.

Required vaccinations for a trip to Egypt

Vaccinations are only required for travelers to Egypt who have been in a country where yellow fever occurs in the seven days prior to arrival in Egypt. Even if you only landed in a country where yellow fever occurs for a transit and stayed there for more than 12 hours, you will need to show proof of vaccination against yellow fever upon arrival in Egypt. You do that by adding your yellow international vaccination card Take it with you on your trip, which is simply called a vaccination pass or vaccination card.

Mandatory vaccinations for a trip to Egypt:

  • Yellow fever, but not if you are traveling directly from Europe *

* Only if the traveler has been in a country where yellow fever occurs in the seven days prior to arrival in Egypt.

Recommended vaccinations for a trip to Egypt

Vaccinations for Egypt, which are always recommended, are the hepatitis A vaccination and the standard vaccinations contained in the vaccination calendar of the Robert Koch Institute. This means that it is advisable to get vaccinated against these diseases even for a short vacation in Egypt. The standard vaccinations recommended in the Robert Koch Institute's vaccination calendar include current vaccinations against tetanus (tetanus), diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), measles and basic immunization against poliomyelitis / polio for a trip to Egypt. If you are not (no longer) immunized against these diseases, it is recommended to get vaccinated against it or to refresh your vaccination protection. For people who belong to risk groups, vaccinations against hepatitis B, typhoid, rabies and meningococcal disease (ACWY) are also recommended.

Recommended vaccinations Egypt:

  • the standard vaccinations recommended in the vaccination calendar in Germany)
  • Hepatitis A (jaundice)
  • For longer stays or special risks: hepatitis B, typhoid, rabies and meningococcal disease (ACWY)

Vaccinations recommended for longer stays

If you plan to stay in Egypt for more than three months, further vaccinations are recommended, as is the case for people belonging to risk groups. For a longer stay in Egypt you should get vaccinated against hepatitis B and also against rabies, typhus and meningococcal disease (ACWY) - certainly with closer contact with the Egyptian population.

Recommended vaccinations, especially for a longer stay in Egypt:

  • Hepatitis B (viral inflammation of the liver)

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Time of vaccinations

If you are staying in Egypt for less than three months and you do not belong to a certain risk group, the vaccinations can be given up to two weeks before departure. The vaccinations and the discussion with your doctor are just as much a part of travel preparation as the application for a visa. If you are staying in Egypt for more than 3 months, vaccination against hepatitis B is highly recommended. Three vaccinations are required for vaccination protection, of which the first vaccination is carried out seven months before departure. If you are already too late for this, you can have two instead of three vaccinations; the first about a month and the second two weeks before departure. You will then be somewhat less protected against hepatitis B during your trip to Egypt.

Get advice from a doctor
The information on this page contains general vaccination recommendations for Egypt. However, in order to find out which vaccinations are required in your personal situation, it is advisable to consult a doctor or vaccination specialist. Your travel destination, the duration of the trip, your age, your state of health and other factors all influence the vaccinations required in your case. The information on this website has been carefully compiled, but not written by a doctor. Please contact a resident doctor or a vaccination specialist for further advice.

Vaccination card lost - the data can usually still be saved

You will need the yellow vaccination card to prove that you have received the yellow fever vaccination. This is only required if you have been in a country where the disease occurs in the seven days prior to your arrival in Egypt. Have you been vaccinated before a previous trip and have you lost your vaccination card? Usually the organization you were vaccinated with can find it on their computer system and issue a new vaccination certificate. Often your family doctor can simply issue you a new passport. The doctor can then add the previous vaccinations.

Further measures to reduce health risks

Anyone who travels to Egypt well prepared and has received the prescribed or recommended vaccinations does not need to worry too much about health risks. For example, malaria does not occur in Egypt. However, in the event of diarrhea, it can be useful to take a few sachets of WHO drinking solution, also known as Oral Rehydration Solution, with you, a means that prevents dehydration (excessive loss of fluid). In addition, it is certainly advisable to take DEET with you on a trip to Egypt to prevent diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes, such as chikungunya fever, dengue (dengue fever) or the zika virus. DEET is available in both a cream and a spray.

Additional health advice:

  • Keep your distance from dogs and cats
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Don't drink tap water
  • Do not eat raw fish or raw meat

Additional preparations for your trip to Egypt

It is best to start preparing for your trip to Egypt a few weeks before your departure. After booking your flight and a hotel, talking to the doctor about vaccinations and applying for the Egypt visa is the most important thing that you shouldn't forget. The Egypt visa can be applied for online so that you don't have to go to the embassy. Although the visa is usually delivered within a few days, it is advisable to start the visa application at least two weeks before departure. Did you get your visa and vaccinations? Then nothing stands in the way of your trip to Egypt.
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