What are the most beautiful national flags

Nice flag, ugly flag

The New Zealanders have voted against a new flag. How would you have decided?

In a written vote today, Friday, 56.6 percent of New Zealanders voted against the new flag design with a silver fern. This leaves the old flag with the British Union Jack in the corner. Prime Minister John Key had campaigned for the change, among other things to end the frequent confusion with the Australian flag, as he said.

When is a flag beautiful? Last year the readers of the Spanish magazine “20 Minuten” voted Mexico's coat of arms the most beautiful in the world - countries in which Spanish was spoken naturally had a patriotic advantage. What do you make of it?

Ranker, an online portal specializing in rankings, asked the same question back in 2012. Mexico landed in second place here. In first place of the beauty choice, however: Canada.

The most iconic flag of all flags is the "Stars and Stripes" of the USA.

The flag of the USSR, rolled up in 1989, also went down in pop history.

One of the most special flags in the world is the serrated Nepal.

This flag represented Switzerland under Napoleonic occupation from 1798 to 1803.

Last but not least: How do you deal with the Swiss flag?

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