Why do expatriates leave

Go abroad with the company and become an expat

Do you want to escape from everyday life and work abroad? That works great as an expat!

Old Latins don't even have to look in the dictionary to see what it means to be an expat. “Expatriates” or “expats” for short - are on the move from their home country - in whatever mission. Today, expat mostly refers to those who, as specialists or managers, take up a professional position around the globe. Companies have long been interested in how important experience abroad can be for an employee's personal and professional development. One thing can be said, however: a longer professional stay abroad needs to be considered and - including return - well planned so that it bears fruit in the long term.

Germans want to go abroad, foreign workers are drawn here

According to surveys by the Federation of German Foreign Employees, almost aThirds of Germans work abroad for two to three years walk. This undeniable desire to be mobile can apparently be served, because according to another estimate by this organization, the number of those who work abroad is now in the millions. The manufacturing, automotive and chemical industries in particular offer their employees a wide range of opportunities.

Since a large number of international companies have settled in German cities over the years, Germany is also becoming more and more attractive for well-trained foreign workers: Beyond the current migration flow, lively expat communities are forming in the urban centers of the republic, especially thanks the IT and telecommunications industry, banking and consulting.

Knowledge transfer for companies is the main reason for foreign assignments

Posting employees abroad is no longer unusual in larger companies, but medium-sized companies have also caught up in the globalized market. The main reason to send an employee abroad is for companies Knowledge and information transfer. 

The consulting firm Mercer estimates this in a study with a whopping 70 percent. What is of particular interest to the employee, namely the Advancement of career with the prospect of a job as a manager, on the other hand, is estimated at 30 percent. This is what an employee who wants to be mobile should have in mind - regardless of whether he is only an expat for a limited period of time, for example to set up a subsidiary, or his company sends him abroad for several years.

Extra tip: Strengthen social skills

If you look at the credit side of those who opt for an expat life, soft skills are to be mentioned in terms of personal and professional development: intercultural skills are expanded, foreign language skills are refined or even newly acquired, and cooperation with foreign colleagues and business partners is tested in day-to-day business.

You learn to assert yourself, but not least because of the change in perspective to think more flexibly. That says a lot Confidence and aplomb. You become confident for the international stage - and you bring that back home with you. This is an indisputable plus, especially for young professionals who still want to climb a few steps on the career ladder.

Attention: A foreign assignment also harbors pitfalls

Basically, however, you need a high level of motivation to decide to go abroad. In this regard, you should rigorously question yourself and your professional - but sometimes also your plans beyond work. Because: you leave your personal network, both professionally and privately. There can be a lot happening at home, especially if you are on duty outside your home company for a longer period of time. Team members come and go. Supervisors too. And while you have just adjusted yourself to the challenging life as an expat, structures and power relations at home can change in a relatively manageable period of time.

It is precisely because of the threat of network loss that HR managers and international career advisors keep you Stay abroad for a maximum of three to four years for justifiable. Basic tenor: It's about maintaining the perspective for returning to the parent company and, at best, for further career advancement at home. Contractually fixed arrangements for the return are mandatory. Network maintenance and maintenance is the free choice.

Planning is the be-all and end-all!

And again: the foreign assignment must be well planned. And that doesn't just apply to work. Depends on a stay abroad a lot of administrative work that has to be tackled in a planned manner - Unfortunately, the much scolded official things are part of the expat life. Companies know this and are fortunate enough to have specialized service providers who support their employees who are willing to be mobile in this regard. Above all, however, the latter will also be concerned with the question: Where do I get there? Or even more: Where can I find shelter there?

With the increasing number of expats, there are now very good and reputable service providers who also relieve you of these questions and thus make it possible for you to get on the plane for a foreign assignment with a better feeling.

Temporary living: Furnished living is the most attractive option for expats

Rent online - that's nothing new today. What is new, however, is that stylish, fully equipped apartments can be booked in advance via the Internet. Temporary furnished living is the trend, especially for project-related stays abroad and longer-term assignments.

In this way, not only the tastes of more discerning expats are served. Rather, a company that offers its employees the service for temporary living abroad also has the opportunity to throw a special goodie into the ring. Because what could be better than granting the fresh expat from day 1 the feel-good factor of your own four walls without any further burdens?

Becoming an expat - is it worth it?

Anyone who wants to gain personal and professional experience abroad has big plans. There is a lot to take into your own hands. Above all, the career must remain in focus and be thought and thought over the long term. A well thought out and planned one Staying abroad is therefore a plus in terms of your career - and will certainly remain so for the foreseeable future.

Thanks to reliable service providers who have all the essentials for expats in their service portfolio, from furnished accommodation to international health insurance, many burdens for expats are minimized. And more and more companies are making use of this. Because one thing is also clear to them: The high level of motivation brought by an employee who dares to take the professional step abroad must be promoted to the greatest possible extent.

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