What are some famous things in German

These Germans are also known abroad

  • Claudia Schiffer

    The German supermodel of the 90s actually wanted to become a lawyer, but was discovered by the head of a model agency in a Düsseldorf discotheque. Karl Lagerfeld was enthusiastic about Claudia Schiffer and called her his muse. He was the first to get her on the catwalk. She modeled for all the major fashion houses and advertised luxury brands.

  • Heidi Klum

    And another model: Heidi Klum was once one of the best-paid models in the world, now she sends the offspring down the catwalk in the casting show “Germanys Next Top Model” and does not skimp on harsh criticism. The career of the Rhinelander began in 1992 when the then 19-year-old student prevailed against 25,000 competitors in a modeling competition. She lives in the USA.

  • Karl Lagerfeld

    The man from Hamburg went to Paris in the mid-1950s, where he was soon one of the great fashion designers. As chief designer, he helped the Chanel label to regain its shine, simply calling his own label “Lagerfeld”. Lagerfeld was considered an eccentric, his cat even had its own Twitter account. Karl Lagerfeld died in 2019.

  • Michael sSchumacher

    His name is inextricably linked with motor racing. He achieved 91 Grand Prix victories and was world champion seven times. This makes Michael Schumacher the most successful driver in Formula 1 history. He drove his last race in 2012 at the Brazilian Grand Prix. Only a year later he had a serious skiing accident and was in a coma for a long time. To this day, nobody knows exactly how he is doing.

  • Franz Beckenbauer

    Football is his life - until today. "Der Kaiser" celebrated its greatest successes at the soccer world championships in 1974 and 1990, first as team captain, then as team boss of the national team. Franz Beckenbauer later built FC Bayern into one of the best clubs in Germany. Most recently, he was criticized for corruption allegations in connection with the awarding of the World Cup to Germany in 2006.

  • Dirk Nowitzki

    He is 2.13 tall, has a boyish smile and incredible talent: Dirk Nowitzki was one of the most famous basketball players in the world. From 1998 to 2019 he played in the North American professional league NBA for the Dallas Mavericks and led his team to the championship in 2011. The fun of basketball runs in the family: Dirk's mother and sister were national players.

  • Roland Emmerich

    Tidal waves, aliens, monsters: Roland Emmerich became world famous with disaster and action films. The director's career began in Swabia, his great role model was Steven Spielberg. From a young age he was strongly oriented towards US blockbusters. No wonder Hollywood got him. There he makes films like “Independence Day”, “The Day After Tomorrow” or “The Patriot”.

  • Hans Zimmer

    Who is Hans Zimmer? Many will ask. Hardly anyone knows his face, the man has already won an Oscar, and he has been immortalized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He owes this to his music: Zimmer is one of the most successful film composers of all. He wrote the melodies for hits like Rain Man, Gladiator or The Lion King.

  • Anne-Sophie mother

    She won her first violin competition at the tender age of five. Anne-Sophie Mutter was considered a child prodigy of classical music: at the age of just 13, she performed with the Berliner Philharmoniker under the famous conductor Herbert von Karajan, who even then called her “one of the best violinists in the world”. Today, the now 52-year-old is celebrated around the world.

  • Gerhard Richter

    Whenever a list of the most expensive contemporary painters is drawn up, his name is right at the top: Gerhard Richter became known, among other things, for his alienating copies of photos. For several years now, one of his works of art has even been on view in Cologne Cathedral. In 2006 the artist, who lives in Cologne, gave the cathedral a new window.

  • Queen Silvia of Sweden

    The monarchy ended in Germany in 1918. Anyone who wanted to become queen as a German after that had to go abroad. The middle-class Silvia Renate Sommerlath did just that after she met the then Swedish Crown Prince Carl Gustav at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. Carl Gustav became king in 1973, and in 1976 he married the 32-year-old Silvia.

  • Angela Merkel

    Angela Merkel has been the most powerful woman in Germany since 2005. And she is the first woman ever to become Federal Chancellor. She grew up in the GDR. Before going into politics, Angela Merkel worked for a long time as a physicist. Many Germans appreciate her because of her considered and calm manner. For her refugee policy she was sometimes very praised, but sometimes also heavily criticized.

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