Why do people think 1

Riddle human (1/2): How we feel

The world-famous chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall was the first to observe the great apes up close in the African jungle. She looks back on the most emotional moments she had with chimpanzees. Do you feel the same as we do?

What is the love life of our closest relatives like? Why do we humans fall in love? Are we programmed for sex or for attachment? A test reveals hidden signals with which women cast a spell over men.

Scientists suspect the key to man's mystery in his children. Unlike almost all other animals, they are born with an immature brain. Our helpless babies are perhaps the greatest phenomenon in our evolution. And - there is a survival benefit associated with it.

Today we colonize the earth with more than seven billion conspecifics. What skills did we have to develop in order to be able to live in ever larger groups? A tiny change in the child's brain could be responsible and differentiate us from other primates.

From birth, we humans communicate through our facial expressions - the language of feelings that connects us worldwide and is more complex than any other living being. With Thorsten Havener, entertainer and body language expert, we reveal the code of faces.

Pure adrenaline: During bungee jumping in the Port of Hamburg, Havener shows with an experiment how many alpha animals are in us and how we can manipulate our emotions with power poses.