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Conditions for private accommodation

The following conditions apply to private accommodation:

If you want to help for humanitarian reasons

  • is this on volunteer Base possible,
  • is one for the success of the integration unlimited in time Accommodation necessary,
  • shut down As a landlord, you sign a tenancy agreement based on private law with the refugees as tenants from. Rights and obligations from the rental agreement apply only to the contracting parties
  • it arises no contractual relationship with the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

Since refugees usually do not have their own income and are not able to cope with the rent payment on their own, the standard parameters for recipients of social benefits apply in Hamburg. The regulations on the cost of accommodation are detailed in a so-called Technical instruction laid down.

The rental price (gross rent excluding water and heating costs) has upper limits:

Household size

Adequacy limit

1 person

481.00 euros

2 persons

577.20 euros

3 persons

696.75 euros

4 people

789.65 euros

5 people

1,035.96 euros

6 persons

1,164.12 euros

Each additional person

128.16 euros

In individual cases, the specified upper limits can be exceeded slightly. However, the rent must not be disproportionate to the rented apartment.

The respective social service provider (specialist office for basic security and social affairs of the district office or the job center, in whose district the refugee is registered) pays the appropriate rent if the tenant is financially unable to finance it from his own income, but is entitled to live.

Which refugees are entitled to live?

Refugees, for example, are entitled to live

  • who have a right to stay or receive a social benefit
  • who have a Duldung or residence permit, have lived in communal accommodation for at least six months and it can be assumed that they will stay in Germany for longer than a year
  • who cannot be expected to be accommodated in shared accommodation for health reasons (e.g. very pregnant women) and
  • Refugee families where one family member has their own income.

I have a vacant apartment and would like to offer it to refugees

The project “Wohnbrücke Hamburg” mediates completed Apartments throughout Hamburg's urban area for refugees from Hamburg accommodation. If you would like to rent an apartment for an indefinite period, please contact the "Residential bridge Hamburg“.

Shared room you can under to offer.

Can I take a refugee into my home?

This is basically possible. A rental or sublease agreement under private law between the refugee and the owner / tenant is also required for this.

The rental costs can only be borne by the state if there is a residence permit and the rental costs are within the limits for adequate living space.

The project "Rooms vacant"is looking for people who can imagine renting a room or a small apartment to young unaccompanied refugees between the ages of 16 and 17. You can find more information about the project at

More information

A comprehensive presentation on the subject of living space for refugees was provided by the Dialogue forum living of the Refugee Aid Forum. You can download the PDF file below.