Men like to wear perfume or Cologne

So I actually have 4 fragrances in my collection that are declared here as women's fragrances.

"Les Exclusifs de Chanel - Sycomore (2008)": In no way a women's fragrance for me, I imagine women to be totally unotic. Definitely men's area, there is no discussion for me either. Certainly a few women here like it too, but I won't let anyone talk to me. This is mine / ours! Much more likely with ..

.. "Les Exclusifs de Chanel - Coromandel" .. which I don't love as much as the fragrance above, but which I wouldn't want to give up either. Here you can already speak of a unisex fragrance, at least with the EdT Coromandel. However, the EdP is clearly feminine. On me, however, it is nice and tart, have never received feedback in the sense of "You smell like a woman".

"La Collection Privée - Granville": I have to say that this fragrance is also a men's fragrance, even if it is declared here as a women's fragrance. Here I would find it interesting to smell it on a woman, I think it's not that wrong. It's ultra fresh and I would call "pine" a gender-neutral note.

"En Passant": Here I would be the most likely to let myself be carried away by all four of them to say that the scent is a woman's scent. But when I put on my beautiful chinos, matching loose sneakers and my beloved felt hats and march through the city in spring, then I feel particularly comfortable with the scent. It just depends on what you make of it, male clothing and appropriate appearance, then nobody will think the scent is not suitable

Otherwise, I have to say that the division of the collection for women / men in relation to Sycomore and Granville speaks volumes and supports my opinion. A clear majority of the Parfumos interpreted both fragrances as men's fragrances