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SailorMoon SuperS - Season 4

These 3 special episodes have nothing to do with Season 4, as might be assumed. The 3 episodes were broadcast in one day in Japan and it can be said that it is actually a film.

Bunny's story *
In the first story we get to know the story of a slow but loving transformation from whimper to warrior. The story is told by Luna. The cat tells Bunny's life. Your enthusiastic listener is Chibiusa, who learns everything interesting about Bunny in this way. The narrative ends with the appearance of Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus.

The ghost doll *
In the 2nd story we experience what happens after the appearance of Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus. You are dealing with a puppet show where there is no right thing to do. You get a lot of problems with the doll of a ventriloquist, which is animated by evil. But it is not easy for Chibiusa with a new classmate either.

The Castle of the Vampires *
In story 3 we see what Chibiusa continues to experience with her classmate. She is following the "suspect" with a friend and they see her eating flowers. Chibiusa now thinks she is dealing with a vampire; and she is right. She gets to the bottom of it all. There is a fight in a kind of chapel. The second part of this episode is a kind of short version of the 145th episode.