How long is maternity leave in France

Maternity insurance and parental leave in Germany


Parental leave is a legally regulated right to unpaid leave to care for and bring up a child. Parental leave is a maximum of three years.


When applying for full parental leave 

You can apply for parental leave if:

  • There is an employment relationship
  • The employee lives with the child in the same household,
  • the person concerned is mainly concerned with the child himself
  • the receiver does not work more than 30 hours a week.

If you want to take parental leave immediately after the maternity leave period (or after the birth of the child for the father), you must do so Submit an application in writing no later than seven weeks before the end of the maternity protection period.

If the mother wants to take parental leave immediately after the maternity leave period, she must submit a corresponding application to her employer no later than one week after the birth of the child (5 weeks for premature and multiple births)

When applying for half parental leave

You have to Work for at least 6 months in a company with at least 15 employeesand the duration of part-time employment must be at least 2 months.

No later than7 weeks Before you want to start part-time work, you must submit a written request to your employer to reduce your working hours.

Your employer cannot refuse parental leave unless there are “urgent” operational reasons against it.

Length of parental leave

The total time of parental leave is36 months (3 years).

Impact on your employment relationship

Your employment relationship rests with use parental leave. During this time you enjoy protection against dismissal unless you commit a serious mistake or the labor inspectorate or the office for occupational health and safety gives your employer its consent to the dismissal.

Protection against dismissal begins with access dthere is a written parental leave request from the employer and ends with the parental leave.

Your employment relationship is suspended for the entire period of parental leave; Your employee is therefore obliged to offer you a returnto your previous or elseto an equivalent job guarantee with the same pay.

If the employment relationship is suspended for part of the year, the employee's entitlement is reduced by one twelfth per month of rest. If you do not work part-time during parental leave, the remaining vacation days can be taken after the end of parental leave - either in the current year or in the following year. If these vacation days are not taken either in the current year or in the following year, the vacation days not taken are omitted. If the employment relationship ends during or at the end of parental leave, the remaining vacation will be paid in cash.


You can apply for parental allowance if:

  • You have yours Residence in Germany,
  • Your dependent children live with you,
  • You exercise no activity or activity that does not exceed 30 hours per week,
  • Your taxable income for the year preceding your birth does not exceed € 250,000 (for an individual) or € 500,000 (for a couple).

Cross-border commuters are also entitled to parental allowance even if they are not resident in Germany.The two parents should still work in Germany. In this case, however, check which of the two states (state of residence or state of employment) has a priority for the payment of parental allowance.

Amount of parental allowance

The parental allowance is in the amount of 67% of that in the twelve calendar monthsaverage monthly income from employment paid before the month of the birth of the child.

The Maximum amountthis aid is included€ 1,800 per monthand the Minimum amountat € 300 per month.

This allowance may be higher for people with a low income or, in the case of multiple births, for families who already have several children.

Reference period 

Parental allowance is paid from the birth of the child and drawn up to the end of the 14th month of life.

Basically willParental allowance paid for 12 months, however, the subscription period can be extended by 2 months under certain conditions.


This aid must can be requested in writing. When submitting the application, it must be stated when the parental allowance must be paid out.

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