What are the gang names in Michigan

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Well your old one Gang name is not an alias.

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How about that Gang names on your baseball cap?
In my day the symbol represented the Names the gear.
En mis tiempos, el símbolo siempre representaba el nombre de la banda.
The love story is in full In progress, but the Surname unknown.
It la primera vez que la historia de amor está en marcha, pero no se sabe el nombre.
At the end of Ganges will be yours Surname come back to me.
The rest, well gear, Manners, Names and places she will learn.
Le enseñaré a andar, a conducirse, a hablar, junto con algunos nombres, caras y lugares.
Before we spoke to each other for the first time, he already knew that Names the gearthat i am in.
I urge im Names mine gear, the North American Alliance, the other gang, the Coms, out to a futures sports game.
En nombre de mi equipo, La Alianza Norteaméricana reto a la Comunidad a un partido de futuresport.
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