What is Mauza


Handicapped people

Mobility is now a matter of course that nobody has to do without. Nothing is impossible for people with disabilities in the field of automobile mobility - regardless of whether you want to drive yourself or whether passengers with special needs are to be transported. The Mazda brand itself offers numerous technical special equipment for people with disabilities, but we can also implement any adaptation or conversion request in cooperation with experienced specialist suppliers. If you are in possession of a severely handicapped ID that shows a degree of disability of at least 50%, you can also benefit from our special financing conditions.

Associations and associations

Thanks to their combination of economy, dynamism and variability, Mazda vehicles quickly become indispensable team members. No matter what the demands and objectives of your organization place on a vehicle - Mazda models have long earned an excellent reputation in many large and small fleets. So if you would like to register a car with the club or association that you work for or represent, then simply ask us for an offer tailored to your needs - with all the advantages in terms of estate, leasing and financing options and Services.

Journalists and the press

Reliability and agility are important prerequisites for a vehicle that is supposed to support you in everyday working life. The models of the Mazda model series meet every requirement. Technically top-class, with award-winning design and a clear commitment to efficiency and sustainability, our automobiles are your perfect partner for every job. If you have a current press pass or want to register a new car with your publisher or your TV or radio station, let us advise you now and benefit from many special conditions, leasing and financing options and service benefits.