How do I become a customs officer

At the airport: an overview of training at customs

Table of Contents

  1. training
  2. requirements
  3. tasks
  4. salary
  5. overview

Training at customs

Anyone interested in a career at customs can choose between two training paths: A two-year apprenticeship at customs leads to the middle service, a three-year dual course qualifies for the higher service. But to get an apprenticeship or study place at all, you have to overcome a number of hurdles.

Nevertheless, many dare to try it. "This year the main customs office in Cologne received more than 1,500 applications," reports press spokesman and customs inspector Ahland. But only 800 of the applicants were allowed to take part in the written selection process. Above all, the grades in math and German are important. They are used to filter who is allowed to take the aptitude test: "With a three in math and German you have a good chance of being invited to the test"says Ahland.

The requirements: sporty, self-confident, no people hater

After all, there is no sports test like the one with the police: "In the middle service you have to present the German sports badge in bronze as a basic proof of physical fitness. Otherwise we have no more physical restrictions," says Ahland. "So there is too No minimum size, no restriction for people who wear glasses and no maximum agewhen applying", says Ahland. But he makes it clear:" The fact is, you have to be communicative, self-confident and you shouldn't be shy of contact. Otherwise you are wrong with us. We always have with us People to do."

Anyone who has made it through the selection process and has come to the end of their training or studies can apply for an area of ​​work - such as the Airport - apply: "Our junior staff can express a wish where they want to go. And as a rule, it is also possible to meet this requirement", says Jens Ahland." Especially Cologne-Bonn Airport, which also has a large cargo area, always has vacancies, "said the press spokesman.

The duties at customs

And what exactly are the different areas of responsibility at the airport? "A large area is travel", says Ahland. Holidaymakers and business travelers are checked on their entry: Do you have medicines with you that are not permitted in Germany? Do you bring in prohibited food? Or valuable jewelry that would have to be taxed?

Another important area: Package controls. "Cologne-Bonn airport in particular is a major hub in Germany and Europe. Parcels from the USA or China arrive here, are reloaded directly and go to another European country, "reports the customs inspector. Accordingly, many colleagues are busy checking these parcels and taking action against species protection violations in animals brought with them, drug smuggling or product piracy "says Ahland. "Because once 500 pairs of counterfeit sneakers are in Europe, it will be difficult to fish them again," added the press spokesman.

Even if technical devices are to be introduced, they are checked: "We recently withdrew drones from China that did not comply with safety regulations", recalls Ahland." We then work with the Cologne district government and clarify whether such goods may be imported or not, "said the customs inspector.

Dogs? Did someone say dogs here?

And what about the sniffer dogs? How do you become a dog handler at customs? "We have a total 12 customs dogs at Cologne-Bonn Airport, but 1,000 employees at the main customs office in Cologne. It is not totally hopeless, but you can calculate that not everyone can become a dog handler, "brakes Ahland. He warns:" The question about dogs is asked very often. But if dog handler is the only job that appeals to you at customs, then I would advise against applying to us. "

Also because it is not enough to be particularly fond of animals: "Our dogs are no longer just pure detection dogs, they are also protection dogs. When the animals are trained, you do the training together with them, "says Ahland." That also means: put on your full body suit and run. The dog runs with you and grabs you, "describes the spokesman for the Cologne main customs office." I went through that once - I'm almost two meters tall and yet the dog put me under a lot of pressure. D.his training situations are already very intense"says Ahland.


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"You never know beforehand what to expect"

With or without a dog, he Job at customs is varied. And one or the other strange experience is inevitable: "When you start your ministry, you never know what's coming, "says Ahland." In the area of ​​parcels we recently had a big surprise - suddenly we had one One-on-one replica of the European Cup in front of us, "he recalls." Apparently someone had ordered that - the replica was really well made. It was nice to hold something like that in your hand, "smiles Ahland." But of course you still have to do your job and check whether criminal tax proceedings may have to be initiated, "summarizes Ahland.

The salary prospects

Training allowance

As Civil servant do you get one Remuneration according to tariff. During your training in the middle customs service, you will receive around 1100 euros gross per month.

Starting salary

After successfully completing your training, you will start with the Grade A. If you are paid by tariff, there are fifteen grades from A2 to A16. With more professional experience, more years of service and responsibility, you advance to the individual levels. For example, if you are in the middle service at grade A9, you will receive around 3340 euros gross per month.

Overview: The most important information about a career at customs:

  • Who in the middle service would like to, who needs at least a qualifying secondary school diploma, a secondary school diploma with vocational training or a secondary school diploma.
    For the dual studies you have to have a high school diploma.
  • You should find out in advance which tasks await you in which area and then consider which career you are aiming for: For example, only those who work in the middle service can become dog handlers. Anyone who wants to work in the field of emergency training, as a sports, self-defense or shooting trainer, must also be trained for the middle service. in the upscale service rather wait Personnel management tasks on the graduates.
  • It is neither possible to shorten the training, nor can you get involved. To do this, too much material simply has to be taught during training or studies. So you have to be ready to learn a lot - this also includes an intensive examination of legal texts.
  • You should be aware of whether you want to work on the weapon or not. Everyone who has direct personal contact must also carry a weapon. On the other hand, anyone who works in the area of ​​parcel control, for example, gets by without a weapon.
  • At customs there is Shift work. But these are more flexible than, for example, the police.
  • As a rule, you carry it at customs at the airport Uniform.
  • More information about training at customs under