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It's very interesting to work by Apple and see how much you can do for people. The internal learning system brings the employees to develop themselves, the roles diversification in the store is enormous.
I am still working here. Super fast paced environment and definitely a job where one must constantly stay in the know and always open to learn and grow.
weekends. pay could def be better or profit sharing would be nice.
I had a good time here, It was a good job through college. I enjoyed the high paced atmosphere and the social aspects of working in a mall. I would go back there if time in the day allowed it.
Such a fantastic company to work for, with amazing perks
Apple does a great job at over-staffing the stores so that interactions with customers are never rushed or pushy, and emerging projects or feedback with team members can be facilitated
Great, stress free environment
Absence of HR presence and impossible promotion process
I enjoyed working at Apple for many reasons - mainly, my co-workers. It was great to work with intelligent people, though, the management could be a bit pedantic. I enjoyed it, but I don't think I drank the koolaid as much as a lot of the staff expected me to. It was just a retail job - albeit a very good one.
This is an excellent job if this is your first job. However, if you are coming over from a different corporate job, it is much of the same but with less pay.

The stores are usually busy and crowded and most customers are friendly, but some stores are poorly managed. Getting a straight answer is often difficult and you won't receive help if you need it. Managers are extremely over worked and have little patience. They advise you to "use your resources", which is usually your peers whom may know even less than you.

They do offer benefits that some jobs do not offer, like competitive insurance, 401K, company stocks options, and retail discounts. Being retail, you usually have to work the holidays. But most stores offer free lunches on those days.

Overall, the company tries to cultivate a community atmosphere and encourages employees to volunteer. They offer company match if you volunteer your time or money to charities.

Bottom line, if management was treated better, the employees would be treated better. It's too large of a company for any person to actually matter. And it's hard to understand how a company is worth over a trillion dollars has employees who can barely afford rent with roommates in New York.
a way to get into IT
cut throat management, very competitive
need better scheduling
working iphone launches was fun though

a way to get into IT
a way to get into IT
Apple is a great place to work that really focuses on you growing as a person rather than forcing you into a sales role. The focus on the customer and the complete solution builds a really great work environment.