Where do the Australians vacation

Holidays in Australia: land of extremes

What is the best time to travel to Australia?

A optimal travel time for Australia unfortunately still has to be invented, because the name "land of extremes" is no coincidence. The expanses of Australia stretch from the latitudes of the tropics to the temperate latitudes. Therefore it can happen that you are in the north lashing rain and storm did while in the south straight Bushfires rage. Therefore, it is best to check beforehand which region you want to visit and then see which month would be the most suitable. At a Round trip you just have to make compromises ... but we promise you, you will still have a wonderful time and what would an Australian vacation be without a little bit adventure?

Best Time to Vacation in Australia - Breakdown by City

Sydney: October to April

Canberra: October to March

Brisbane: March - November

Cairns: April to October

Melbourne: November to March

Hobart: October to March

Adelaide: October to March

Perth: October to April

Broome: May until October

Darwin: April to September

Alice Springs: April to October

Travel to and flights to Australia

There is a lot to do in Australia! They are waiting for you on your Australia trip 12 apostles, the Blue Mountains and the Great Barrier Reef as well as many other attractions. In order to see as much of the continent as possible, there is one Australia round trip if you can find enough time.

Australia Vacation: Cheap Flights and Stopover Flights

Cheap Australia flights there are mostly to Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. From there, you can continue your discovery tour through the country by rental car or camper. Often you will find it too attractive stopover flights to Australia for example with Etihad from Munich via Dubai to Sydney. These are well priced and you have the opportunity to explore yet another holiday destination! Cheap flights to Australia can be found in our Flight search.

Start your trip to Australia with the one way ticket

You are planning a vacation in Australia and do not yet know exactly how long the trip should last? Would you like to see a little more of the world on the way there? Are you in the mood for an adventure? Then is a One way ticket just the thing for you. Look for it separate flights for example from Germany via Dubai to Australia with various airlines. So you can get some unbeatable offers for less than 300 euros.

But then make sure that the Flight bookings independently of each other are. So you have to leave enough reserve between flights in case you are delayed. It's best to use the time for a stopover and take a closer look at the cities!

Entry and visa for your Australia vacation

Australia receives another plus point as a holiday destination from us, since the entry into this beautiful country is relative uncomplicated is. You do have to apply for a visa, but you can do it easily and comfortably from home. Which visa you need depends on what you are planning to do in Australia. For holidaymakers and business travelers, for example, is enough eVisitor 651 Visa out. You can read more about this in our article on visa and entry requirements.

Once you've landed Down Under, everything goes on very relaxed. You have to queue for a relatively long time at the passport control (after all, you are not the only ones who want to explore this exciting country), but it is Australian police very relaxed and the control itself is quick. Most of the time, you just look into your passport and nod. After that you have to go through a separateBaggage control. You had to fill out a card in advance (you can usually get it directly on the plane) stating what you have in your luggage. The important thing is to stick to them Entry and customs regulations!

And finally a little one Pirate tip From us: It's best to take something strong from home or from the duty free shop, because alcoholic beverages are really expensive in Australia (but keep to the permitted amount). So nothing stands in the way of your vacation in Australia.

Australia: What to see and do

1. Dive the Great Barrier Reef

A must-do: discover the famous Australians on vacation Great Barrier Reef! The Diving The Great Barrier Reef may not be an insider tip, but it is always worth a visit, after all, it is largest coral reef on earth! For those of you who can't imagine what it means, it's roughly the size of the entire area of ​​Great Britain. Everyone can dive here, from beginners to professionals, and you can choose from a wide variety of locations. Another highlight that you can admire from dry land, even if you are afraid of water, are the twelve apostles. It is a stone formation that protrudes from the sea in front of the cliff and was shaped by wind, weather and sea.

2. Relax on vacation on Australia's Whitehaven Beach

The Whitehaven Beach is a seven kilometers extensive area near Whitesunday Island with a bright blue sea, which is traversed by a snow-white and snake-like tongue of sand. Whitehaven Beach can be reached by boat, seaplane or helicopter, either from Arlie Beach or Hamilton Island. So the best place to great vacation photos with your Beach vacation to shoot and make those who stayed at home jealous of your Australia vacation! ;)

3. Visit the most famous stone in the world

You can also visit the probably most famous stone in the world on your vacation in Australia, Uluru, better known as Ayers Rock. This is a massive, fire-red sandstone monolith in the heart of the so-called "Red Center"of the Northern Territory. It is estimated that Uluru was formed an incredible 550 million years ago. The nearest city is Alice Springs, around 450 km from Ayers Rock.

4. Trek through Purnululu National Park

Let's stick with big stones. In Purnululu National Park you can huge sandstone formations discover which massive beehives resemble and therefore bear the name "Beehive Domes".

The Purnululu National Park was created by the UNESCO named a World Heritage Site and should therefore not be missing on your to-do list for your vacation in Australia.

5. Try your hand at being a professional surfer on vacation in Australia

The surfing beaches of Australia are considered to be optimal Surf spots and cater to all surf levels. The best waves arise in the east of the Pacific, in the west of the Indian Ocean and in the south of the South Sea. Anyone who has ever stood on the board should definitely show their skills the longest waves in the world at Snapper Rocks on Queensland's Gold Coast. The best surf spots in Australia for yours Surf vacation you can of course also find us.

Australia vacation with children: tips for a family trip

Family travel to Australia are general no problem, because the lovely Aussies really do everything to ensure that families feel as comfortable as possible with them - whether families with babies or teenagers. Of course, a vacation in Australia offers a lot of interesting sights for children: From cute animals like dolphins, koalas and kangaroos to beaches and national parks to amusement and amusement parks ... and mostly with fat ones Discounts for children.

Little pirate tip by the way: Although you can save on museums, tours, flights and leisure facilities on holiday in Australia with children, it is best to buy drugstore items in Germany in advance. They're pretty expensive down under.

Working Holiday: Goodbye tax exemption for backpackers in Australia

Australia is not just a popular destination for a short vacation. There is hardly any other country on earth that backpackers visit as often as Australia. The state in the southern hemisphere is huge and offers its visitors one wide variety of travel options and a lot of security. Parties on the beach, trekking tours through impressive nature parks and exciting diving adventures are on the program. Thanks to the immense size of the state, it never gets boring. It is predestined for a long-term stay that broadens the horizon. Of course, the costs are correspondingly high for a longer stay. Many backpackers therefore choose one because of the excellent local conditions Work and Travel Australia Visa. But this fact has changed slightly. Choosing Australia for seasonal work has not been so tempting since 2016. Even low incomes have been taxed high since then.

Peach harvest, fishing and selling beer - earn some extra money as a backpacker

Do a little job and travel to Australia on the side - that was the purpose of the Work on Travel Australia Visa. Many backpackers have used this limited work permit to take a year off. On the side, they earned something to supplement the travel budget through small jobs such as harvest workers, waiters or the like. For numerous backpackers, the earnings from the activities within the scope of the Work an Travel Australia visa were even the basis for their stay. To work in Australia, that may have been spoiled for many by the new tax regulations. The Working Holiday has been taxed since July 2016. Up to this point in time, the old regulation still applied, according to which no taxes were incurred for an income in Australia below around 14,000 euros. The salary that was gained from the jobs was able to flow completely into the heavily attacked travel fund. That was not only practical for monetary reasons, but the Working Holiday also offered the opportunity to gain new experience and make one possible Insight into the everyday life of Australians. You can hardly experience Australia more authentically on vacation.

Backpackers with a Work and Travel Australia visa will be asked to pay

Backpackers who use the Work and Travel Australia visa from July 2016 must 32.5 Australian cents of tax for every hard-earned dollar numbers. It does not matter how much the backpacker ultimately earns. Taxation starts with the first dollar, as the Australian Minister of Finance confirms. The tax office expects this regulation to generate around 540 million Australian dollars in additional income over the next four years. As mentioned above, low incomes Down Under were tax-free until July 2016. First who between 20,000 and 37,000 Australian dollars was charged with an income tax rate of 19%. Only when the limit of 37,000 Australian dollars was exceeded did 32.5% arise. The income limit has therefore been significantly reduced. In addition, the backpackers ran as local residents for tax purposes. They have been non-residents since July 2016.

Vacation Australia: The Really Important Facts About Down Under

What do you need to know before your vacation in Australia? This video tells you! Australia is a country full of secrets, idiosyncrasies and a lot of quirks. Why is the turnout so extremely high in Australia? How intimate can you get with kangaroos when you're drunk? What is the continent's position on camels? Does the land belong to the people or vice versa? The answers to these and other questions are there in this videothat we found for you. Perfect for the next small talk or to annoy the officials at the airport when entering Australia!

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