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Many refrain from being more active in their free time, trying out something new or simply doing something more often, just because they lack “people to participate” in their private lives. With Experience together you can easily expand your circle of friends. You get to know new people and quickly find leisure partners for activities of all kinds.

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Set up a profile

It only takes 1 minute to register with Joint Experience. When you register for the first time, we will help you set up your profile. In addition to a photo album, there are several profile sections on various topics that are structured like a questionnaire. There are no mandatory fields and you only answer questions that are important to you personally: e.g. about your favorite leisure activities, sports or travel destinations. What and how much you reveal about yourself is up to you.

Protect privacy

We offer you unique functions to perfectly protect your privacy. With us you can determine exactly who is allowed to see which of your photos and profile information. You either define one or more target groups or only activate your profile for individual people you have selected. The same applies to our chat function: Here, too, you can precisely set which people are allowed to contact you and whether they have to send you a contact request beforehand.

Find new people

If you have created an appealing profile, the first chat requests will certainly not be long in coming. If you'd rather become active yourself, you can filter our members by age, place of residence, gender, interests and many other criteria. In this way you can quickly and accurately find people in your environment who are a perfect match for you and your interests. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for someone for leisure, sports, travel and dating or in general new friends.

Get to know each other

If you have found an interesting member, you can contact them in different ways: Rather non-binding with a like or a contact request. Or directly with a personal message. If there is mutual interest, you can use our chat to exchange ideas as you wish. All of this is not only very easy, but also risk-free: Other members only see your profile with your freely selectable user name.

Experience together

Once the chemistry is right, you can schedule a meeting to do something. If you already have a common activity in mind, we wish you a lot of fun! If you just wanted to get to know new people, but don't have any specific plans yet, our communities are the right choice for you: Scroll through the daily new leisure tips from our members, click through the most active groups and their activities and get inspiration for your next experience !

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Find new people and friends for all areas of life

Become a member of Joint Experience and get to know new people for free, with whom you can do something or just chat. No matter whether you are looking for someone for leisure, sport or travel. With us you can quickly and safely find new friends who suit you and your interests. Butterflies in the stomach not excluded ...

Leisure partner

Would you like to go to the cinema, football stadium or a bar more often? A walk in nature or a hike would be nice again? Or maybe a little adrenaline while skydiving for a change? No matter if you want to do something or just have good conversation. On Experience Together you will find the right people for all your hobbies, wishes and ideas!

Sports partner

Are you looking for a sports partner in your area who neither slows you down nor leaves you behind? No matter which sport you like to work up a sweat in: be it climbing, cycling, tennis, golf, ice skating, aerobics, horse riding or a new trend sport such as freeletics, bouldering, crossfit, slackline or stand up paddling. On JointErleben you will find training partners who suit you and your level of performance!

Travel partner

Are you longing for a change of scenery and would you like to travel? No matter what type of holiday you are: Whether you book individual, package or last-minute trips, whether your heart beats for city trips, beach holidays, cruises, thermal bath weekends, ski holidays or single trips. On JointErleben you will find holiday and travel partners who share your ideas and requirements for a successful holiday!

Relationship partner & dating

Are you looking for a partner, but fed up with Tinder, Parship and other dating sites? Then you are exactly right on Experience Together! By not focusing on dating, but on joint leisure activities, we take the pressure and the artificial out of the search for a partner. Just go hiking, cycling or stand-up paddling together - and if it sparks, this common interest is the perfect basis for a long and happy relationship!

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