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Self-marketing for musicians

Self-marketing for musicians and bands

Self-marketing has become an immensely important topic, especially for musicians. Where the labels used to take over the work, now every band can take their luck into their own hands and position themselves in the market with the right marketing. There is a lot to consider here.

Here you will find concentrated knowledge - all guides, book tips, podcasts, videos and more about music marketing on your own - the best tips for self-marketing for musicians.

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With a well thought-out and implemented strategy for self-marketing, you no longer need a label. That requires a tremendous amount of work in addition to the actual music-making and production. But thanks to self-marketing, you are your own boss, maintain your brand exactly according to your ideas and do not have to share your income.

The internet, social networks, services for the digital distribution of music and crowdfunding create great opportunities. But there is so much more to get your attention out there in the world.

Here is a little best of for self-marketing for musicians:

Get in direct contact with the people who should hear (and of course buy) your sounds. So the line of "Earning money with music" is getting closer and closer.
And now have fun browsing through our archive.


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