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National flag of Jamaica

The national flag of Jamaica is green, yellow (gold) and black. The flag shows a gold St. Andrew's cross and two triangles in green and two in black.

The national flag of Jamaica is black, green and yellow. The flag of Jamaica was officially introduced on August 6, 1962.

Description of the flag of Jamaica

The Jamaican flag consists of a yellow St. Andrew's cross and four triangular colored areas. The two opposite triangles are each the same color: the top and bottom are green, the side triangles are black.
The green color of the triangles represents hope and agriculture.
The black color of the triangles is supposed to remind of the difficult days of the past and the present (poverty).
The yellow (gold) of the St. Andrew's cross symbolizes the rich natural treasures of the island of Jamaica and the beauty of sunlight.

Jamaica flag design

The current flag of Jamaica with its golden cross and the four triangles was a design that prevailed against two other proposals. One provided three horizontal stripes in the colors green-yellow-black. The other design was based on five horizontal stripes: green-yellow-black-yellow-green. The black stripe should be twice as wide as the other stripes. This last proposal was initially approved by the British authorities. However, there was still the flag of Tanganyikas (Tanzania) which also showed five horizontal stripes in green, yellow and black. Therefore, in the end, today's rather unmistakable flag prevailed against other designs.


Jamaica (English Jamaica) is an island state within the Commonwealth of Nations in the Caribbean. The first European to land in Jamaica was Christopher Columbus in 1494. His son Diego Columbus then had the island conquered by Juan Ponce de León in 1509. From 1509 to 1655 Jamaica was a Spanish colony, then the island changed hands and the island became a British colony. Jamaica became a sovereign state in 1962.

Jamaica Coalition

In Germany one speaks of a Jamaica coalition when the CDU / CSU (black), FDP (yellow) and The Greens (green) work together. A Jamaica coalition was first discussed in the 2005 federal elections.

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