How long was your first period

The first period

The optimal monthly hygiene - pads or tampons?

When the period comes, girls can basically both Tie as well as Tampons use. Both forms of monthly hygiene fulfill the purpose in very different ways, To absorb menstrual fluid and to protect the underwear:

  • Tie are glued into the panties and absorb the blood outside the vagina. Several coordinated layers ensure that the blood is reliably collected. There are sanitary towels in different designs and strengths. Which one is the right one depends on the intensity of the menstrual period and the need for security. It is advisable to try different sanitary towels in order to find the right protection for the respective days and nights.
  • Tampons provide internal protection. They are inserted into the vagina and suck up the blood directly from there. Inserting a tampon can feel a little uncomfortable, especially at the beginning. It is therefore advisable to use the smallest available tampon size (mini) for the first few applications. Additional security is provided by a panty liner which, combined with the tampon, supports the laundry protection.

Whether a girl uses sanitary towels or tampons during her menstrual period ultimately depends on personal preference. Most of the young girls prefer tamponsas they are a clean feeling give and not that easy like bandages slip can. Therefore, they are also good for sports and swimming. In addition, arise no smellsbecause the blood is already caught in the body and does not come into contact with the air. Many girls fear that by using tampons theirs Hymen destroyed is is unfounded. The hymen is usually so stretchy that inserting a small tampon will not make it tear.
But you don't have to decide on a form of monthly hygiene, you can Combine sanitary towels and tampons, e.g. tampons are used during the day and a pad at night. It is only important to have both sanitary towels and tampons to change regularly, i.e. on heavier days at least every 2-3 hours, otherwise every 4-8 hours.