What can I do with my car?

How do I tune my car? We make you a tuning professional!

What used to be attributed to novice drivers or the real car freaks cliché has slowly reached the masses. More and more car enthusiasts want their own vehicle to be pimped up a little by tuning.

We, too, would like our somewhat aging car to be faster, wider and more modern overall. But our budget is not very high and we asked ourselves: How can I tune my car myself?

So how can I tune my car myself? You can either tune the car yourself

  • Structural changes to the body and chassis
  • Mechanical engine adjustments or electronic chip tuning
  • Individualization in the interior design and the audio experience with adapters such as the Carly adapter

Have you just bought a new car and want to optimize it a little? Or are you too attached to your old bowl and just don't want to let it go yet? Or do you just want to pimp your car on your own?

We can understand that well. And probably many others too. We have found out that it is becoming increasingly popular to equip your car with one or two bells and whistles.

With us you can find out how you can tune your car yourself, how to start step by step and what can be tuned on your individual vehicle model.

Furthermore, we will show you what you have to look out for when making conversions yourself and how the Carly adapter can help you quickly and easily with chip tuning.

Your entry into the tuning scene: This is how you can tune your car

If you do not have extensive experience in car tuning, we recommend that you start with it step by step. How convenient that we have included step-by-step instructions in the article below.

Just take a look at the following 5 points and make a detailed plan so that in the end your car is a (traffic) safe option for you as well as for other road users and your wallet.

Step 1: Take a look at the tuning catalog

Do you already know what you want to do on your car? Often you know that you want to change something, but you are not sure what exactly. After all, as a beginner you don't even know all the options.

We therefore recommend that you first take a look at a tuning catalog. Here you can find out more about the possibilities of auto tuning and also about special offers from renowned manufacturers.

Pick out a first project and get detailed information about the possibilities, dangers and costs.

Step 2: plan your exact budget

It is clear that there are many different options for car tuning. If you just want to have new, fancier rims or a film applied, these changes are much cheaper than optimizing the chassis.

But not only the changes themselves cost money. In some cases, a new TÜV inspection or a permit for an operating permit may be required afterwards, which also costs money again.

While rims, spoilers or wide tires are often supplied with such an operating license or type approval, major structural changes and changes through chip tuning must be approved by a state-approved expert.

Step 3: Check your insurance coverage

A major problem that exists especially with newer vehicle models is the problem with the manufacturer's warranty.

Manufacturer's warranty can be in jeopardy

Because tuning is often a thorn in the side of the large automobile manufacturers in particular, which is why the manufacturer's guarantee can also be impaired or even invalidated in the event of major adjustments.

But even your normal motor vehicle comprehensive insurance could in some cases stand in the way. Make sure that tuning or optimized vehicle parts are clearly included in the insurance and adequately covered.

Pay attention to the professional installation

The insurance only pays if all parts have been installed properly and professionally and all permits have been obtained.

Keep your insurance up to date

Furthermore, it is possible that the tuning changes your vehicle value and thereby also the insurance premium. So it's best to keep your insurance company up to date and to inquire beforehand. This way you can be sure that in the end all parts of your car are fully insured.

Step 4: Initially, contact an experienced tuner

Auto tuning has to be legal and safe for you and other road users. This means that the components are installed correctly on the one hand and are also approved for your car on the other.

Get advice from a tuning professional!

Therefore, always make sure that you know exactly what you are doing and that you have all the permits for the components. It is best to get advice from an experienced tuner right at the beginning of your effort.

Chiptuning without experience can cause great damage

When it comes to chip tuning, it is advisable to come back to an experienced tuner right away, because as a beginner you can cause a lot of damage to the engine electronics and the control element.

You can find more about mechanical engine tuning, chip tuning and other tuning options below in the text.

Step 5: Find the way to like-minded people in the tuning scene

As the saying goes: "Happiness doubles when you share it." That is probably also the case with car tuning.

Share your experiences, your successes, failures or funny tuning experiences with like-minded people in the tuning scene. Because it is better organized than you think!

Do you fancy big tuning meetings, joint visits to racing events or manufacturer-related car clubs? Or do you want to experience the whole thing a little more withdrawn, for example as a member of a tuning forum?

In the big world of tuning there are so many different ways to exchange ideas with like-minded people - we are sure that there is something for everyone!

This is how you tune your car properly

Since car tuning is a very comprehensive field, we have given you a clear overview of the topic below. You can find out which ones from us two methods of auto tuning are possible and everything that can be changed or optimized.

The methods of auto tuning

If you want to tune your car, there are various methods available to you. For one, you can get through direct intervention change various components in the engine management system, the chassis or the interior.

On the other hand, a coding device can also be connected to the Make changes electronically. An example of such a coding device is the Carly adapter. You can find a detailed description of this further down in the text.

What can you tune on the car?

The answer: not everything, but really a lot! The auto tuning options range from optimizing the engine and the electrics, the chassis and the body to the individual design of the interior and the audio equipment.

Below we have a few for you Listed options of what you can tune on your car.

1. Body & chassis

With this option of auto tuning, manual work is always required. Because there is nothing electronic to optimize on the body and chassis. You have to achieve the improvement of the optics and the driving behavior through aerodynamics yourself!

Modification of the body with minimal effort

While you need a bit of experience for the chassis, the body can also be changed by even beginners - and that with minimal effort!

A Optical changes to the body can already be achieved with stickers, foiling, new exterior mirrors, spoilers, side skirts or a new exhaust. But the shape and color of the lights can also be changed!

Sporty look through chassis tuning

The Tuning the chassis, on the other hand, relates to the tires, rims, vehicle springs and shock absorbers of your vehicle. If you put wide tires with stylish, large-format aluminum rims on a car, it immediately appears a lot sportier than before.

Do you want to lower your car a bit? Then when choosing the depth, consider that you also have to drive over thresholds and into parking garages, and rather get advice from a tuning professional beforehand.

2nd engine

More power, more horsepower, better gear ratio. What used to be achieved by screwing the intake manifold, carburetor, camshaft or fuel injection is now only possible in modern cars with the help of so-called chip tuning.

Mechanical vs. electronic tuning

When tuning the engine, a distinction is made between the classic, mechanical engine tuning and electronic chip tuning. This is nothing more than the subsequent change of the various parameters on the engine control.

This increase in performance can be achieved by installing new software or installing a new control unit.

More performance through additional components

But also new components like Turbochargers, special intake and exhaust systems as well as powerful compressors can increase the performance of your engine. Incidentally, this does not always mean faster and louder! Through the so-called Eco Tuning can also achieve lower consumption.

3. Interior design and audio

There is really a lot that can be tuned in the interior. In fact, everything you see! Regardless of whether the replacement of the pedals, fabric covers, door sills, cockpit lighting or the paneling of the center console - there is nothing that does not exist!

But in addition to the components of the interior, the audio equipment can of course also be tuned. By installing a hi-fi system and powerful loudspeaker boxes, you can turn your car into a high-performance home theater!

Much of it can be changed easily and in a matter of seconds using a coding device such as the Carly adapter. This is why we tell you in the next chapterwhat makes Carly's auto-tuning assistant so special.

Auto code with the Carly adapter

The Carly Adapter is your very own personal auto-tuning assistant. With it you can easily and completely legally optimize your individual vehicle model.

Do you want your buttons to light up red instead of blue, should the navigation be displayed differently or would you like an acoustic signal when the tailgate closes? These are just three of the numerous functions that you can encode using the Carly adapter.

Auto tuning is child's play with the Carly adapter

With the Carly adapter, optimizing your vehicle on your own is really child's play. You simply connect the adapter to the standard OBD interface, open the associated Carly app and you can immediately find out all the tuning options for your individual car model.

Manufacturers often have secret functions hidden in their performance class that are only intended for the more expensive car models by default. Wouldn't it be great if you could find such an option?

Vehicle information & diagnostic function

But it goes on. With the Carly app you can also read out vehicle information and view the evaluation in the diagnostic function.

Is your car okay?

The Carly app evaluates the condition of your car in seconds using up to 80 sensors in the car and shows you a result immediately.

Thanks to the easy-to-understand color coding of green, orange and red, you can immediately see when you should take care of a specific problem with your baby.

Regular checks can avoid expensive repairs

It is therefore best to connect the Carly adapter to your car regularly, i.e. about once a month, and look at the results of the diagnostic function. In this way you can always react in good time to problems and at best avoid expensive repairs.

Error codes, service & fact check

The good thing about the Carly adapter is that that wasn't all, because it can actually save you even more expensive costs at the car professional.

With the Carly adapter you can quickly and easily read out the meaning of an error code displayed. You can also see the necessary service intervals yourself and, if necessary, set it to completed.

And the possibilities don't stop with a new purchase. Because here you can easily check whether the odometer reading is real or has been manipulated by connecting the Carly adapter.

So you see: With the Carly adapter and the associated Carly app, you will become a car and tuning professional yourself!

Other questions

  1. OK, now we've actually dared to do it and tuned our car ourselves. But somehow we are unsure and asked ourselves: Is it safe to tune the car yourself?

So, is it safe to tune the car yourself? An important requirement that every car tuner must meet is that the vehicle must not endanger its own safety or that of other road users after optimization. If you are not sure, you should always involve a tuning professional or expert.

For this reason, you may need a general operating permit for new components such as tires, spoilers or rims, which is often supplied with the parts.

If there are major changes to the car or the engine, the changes may have to be checked again by an expert, such as the TÜV.

But don't feel too safe even after the TÜV approval. If the test is not a specific attachment acceptance by the TÜV inspector, the expert merely confirms that no “recognizable defects” were recognizable.

In the event of an accident or an inspection, a vehicle that has been improperly converted can be fined or the car can even be shut down.

2. On the World Wide Web you can often find pages that want to show you tricks for coding without an adapter. We wondered: What is legal when tuning a car?

So what's legal about car tuning? Optimizing the body, chassis, engine and interior design are legal as long as you do not perform illegal hacks or manipulate your odometer reading. If it is noticed at the next workshop or service appointment, it can be punished with a fine or even imprisonment.

In this case, we can again warmly recommend a personal car assistant like the Carly Adapter.

All settings that you can make using the Carly adapter are approved by the manufacturers, safe and 100% legal.

3. We know that car manufacturers often pay dearly for optimizing their vehicles. That's why we asked ourselves: What do automakers say about tuning the car yourself?

So what do the automakers say about tuning the car yourself? Tuning the car itself is often a thorn in the side of car manufacturers. Because when tuning outside of your factory, someone else earns. Since the difference between the different models is often mainly to be found in the software, you should try to protect your software as best you can.