Is the business better or a private job

And that's where you come in. When would be the best time to do a part-time job if not now? Corona has allowed itself what parents dare to do less and less: It has ordered whole nations to be arrested. However, this can get pretty boring in the long run. Exactly for this reason you will find an overview of the jobs that are going away like hotcakes here. It is also not just about passing the time: Through your commitment, you help to keep the shop, which has been somewhat damaged by Corona, running.

Job Search Tips: How to Find Job Opportunities Quickly

Jobs in times of the Corona crisis are assigned quickly and unbureaucratically. The following tips will help you to work as clearly as possible.

  • Define your capacities. The corona crisis is characterized by constantly changing rules and options. A potential job should, however, be delimited as clearly as possible in terms of time and location. Be open about how long and how often you can be deployed right from the start.
  • Create a handout. Many industries are urgently looking for employees who can be hired quickly. Lengthy application processes are skipped, which is why a handout with your most important data and information is more helpful than the application folder.
  • Find out about possible rules. Job offers are usually already adapted to the current situation, but you should have a daily look at what is still possible.
  • Keep an eye on your finances. Your studies are paralyzed and you want to refill your piggy bank? Make sure not to exceed the limits for your family insurance, student health insurance or BAföG. Quick decisions are good, but this part should always be considered beforehand.

# 1 Supermarkets and retail: clearing out, selling, arranging

Supermarkets are the ideal place to go for temporary jobs, and not just because of Corona. Although the situation in supermarkets has largely relaxed again and the empty shelves have been replenished from hamster purchases, there are still a particularly large number of jobs to be filled in order to maintain normal operations. Because the strict guidelines for infection protection also require human resources. In addition, many retail chains are also currently looking for student staff at the head office, for example in order to continue to master logistical challenges well. Together with the loss of staff due to infections, quarantine or family arrangements, supermarkets and retail chains are currently facing huge challenges.
The fact that more and more shops are gradually being allowed to open under strict distance and hygiene rules means that more temporary workers are needed again in retail. This is your opportunity to tackle the crisis with a temporary job.

# 2 Part-time job in delivery and catering

All over the country, restaurants had to close their doors. But that doesn't mean that suddenly everyone is switching to meals they have cooked themselves. For this reason, many restaurants have switched and now offer a delivery service. what does that mean to you? With a job as a delivery person you have a big advantage: You get out of the Corona warehouse frenzy. However, with this temporary job you should always find out about new regulations so that no one is endangered by Corona by delivering food.
Since restaurants are allowed to reopen outside the lockdown phases under certain conditions, catering establishments are also looking for temporary help for regular restaurant operations during these times.

# 3 Jobs in healthcare: getting on board in an emergency

The regulations on curfews across Europe are being relaxed, but the situation is still tense and in Germany it is not clear whether there will be another wave and a massive increase in the number of infected people. Because that would require capacities that were not even available until recently. Healthcare facilities are therefore offering more and more temporary jobs that can also be carried out by people with no prior medical knowledge. Whether you are employed directly in the hospital, at care or charitable institutions or as a pharmacy courier, bringing medication to high-risk patients: With a job in this industry, you do a lot to relieve the health care system in times of the Corona crisis.

# 4 Job offers in logistics: Corona changes everything

What makes the Corona crisis so threatening is the global networking and dependency of entire continents. Just as quickly as the virus spreads, bottlenecks in supply and delivery problems due to changed logistics are also spreading. Most countries have now closed their borders and new regulations apply to the transport of goods. This presents international companies in particular with new challenges. If you are fit in the logistics industry or would like to take the opportunity to learn, then you will currently find a lot of vacancies for temporary jobs. Jobs for beginners can also be found more and more frequently. Perhaps the corona crisis is your chance to gain a foothold here.

# 5 Banks and Law Firms: Help in Crisis

As a result of the Corona crisis, many companies and private individuals have found themselves in financial distress. Thanks to numerous aid packages and funds, however, a large part can be helped. Banks in particular now need your support in processing and reviewing the applications.
Law firms are also seeing an increase in inquiries from clients, especially in the field of labor law. Corona-related dismissals, short-time work and company insolvencies must be carefully checked and there is an increased need for legally secure advice. Here you can support law firms, especially with administrative activities in the office and secretariat.

# 6 Working at college or university: Research continues

Are you looking for a job and don't know where? The good is often so close - namely exactly where you already spend a large part of your time: directly at your university or college. Admittedly, this option is currently limited by the online semester, but this is precisely why many lecturers need support, for example with the digital preparation of their documents.
But it gets even better: If you are studying a natural science subject, you may now even have the unique chance to work on a vaccine against the coronavirus in the laboratory.
Even after you graduate, you have the opportunity to stay at the university, because there are many jobs in this area and they are one thing above all: crisis-proof. Whether as a research assistant, lecturer or doctoral student: Various options are open to you. On the stellenwerk job boards you will find the relevant job offers under the category "internal university jobs".

# 7 IT jobs: help in the home office

The Corona crisis surprised everyone and digitization suddenly had to go faster than originally planned in many companies and universities. Solutions for the home office were created through remote connections, digital learning platforms were created and every employee and student had to be supplied with digital end devices in a timely manner. It is clear that not everything is going smoothly. In order to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly, this is your chance to support companies with a part-time job in this area. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that you have a good technical understanding.
Whether you are an IT student or just IT savvy: Now is your chance! The IT industry was desperately looking for staff even before the Corona crisis. Perhaps there are now completely new opportunities for you to get started in this area, for example through digital advanced training. Many companies now have the capacity to advance new projects and are counting on your support!

Bonus tips: Your support is needed here too

Private part-time jobs: This is where you can help

Corona not only poses major problems for companies, but also in the private sector suddenly processes that have otherwise always worked have to be managed. For example, hundreds of parents are currently looking for suitable carers for their children who have failed school. In the meantime, this is no longer possible on site, but you can also give music lessons or tutoring via Skype or FaceTime. In addition, the time must be used wisely, so there are more job offers for tutors than ever before. Whether as a nanny, a teacher or a helper for everything: In the "Private Jobs" category you will find the right job during the Corona crisis.

Voluntary temporary jobs: This is how you get involved in the Corona crisis

Maybe it doesn't have to be job offers from companies or private individuals. Maybe you already have a job that has just been paralyzed due to Corona and you simply have a lot of time. In this case you can use Corona to become a hero one day. For example, high-risk patients are waiting desperately for someone to go shopping for them or take the dog out. Or you employ the over-motivated children of your overworked neighbors - because stories can also be read aloud or "I see what you can't see" via Skype or FaceTime. Or you just stand in the park and chase away every crowd you find. Creativity at Corona is in demand!

Note: Our articles are aimed at all genders. However, we use the generic masculine for easier readability. Your stellenwerk editorial team.

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