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Xiaomi Mi TV Stick in the test: competition for the Fire TV Stick?


Can the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick compete with the Fire TV Stick? A big advantage emerged in the test, but there are also a few weaknesses.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick in the test

Editor's rating 7.7 Reader ratings

Mi TV Stick brings content to the TV quickly and easily

Thanks to the integrated Chromecast, the Mi TV Stick is a sensible purchase for everyone who wants to easily mirror content from PC or mobile phone to the television. Unfortunately, the stick has weaknesses. Both the small amount of free internal storage space and the working memory limit it. The stick can transmit a maximum of 1080p and is therefore out of the question for 4K content.

We liked that

  • integrated Chromecast
  • important apps can also be used without a Google account

We didn't like that

  • no 4K
  • no Auro3D or Dolby Atmos

TV sticks and streaming boxes in comparison

In our comparison test you can read which TV stick we particularly recommend for which application. To do this, we tested various devices and summarized our test reports in one article. »For a detailed comparison of the streaming sticks

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is known for its various electronics products and can often score with a very good price-performance ratio. With the Mi TV Stick, Xiaomi is now trying to enter the TV stick market and facing competition from Amazon.

  1. Design and workmanship
  2. Setting up the Mi TV Stick: Xiaomi gives you a lot of freedom
  3. Android TV and integrated Chromecast
  4. technology
  5. remote control
  6. Conclusion & alternatives

How the Mi TV Stick performs and whether it can hold its own against a Fire TV Stick can be found below. In advance, with a recommended retail price of 39.99 euros, the price is on par with the current Fire TV Stick (2021).

Design and workmanship

When you open the packaging, you immediately notice a strong resemblance to that of the Fire TV Stick - both color and layout are quite similar. If you hold the stick in your hands, the very short HDMI connector catches the eye. This can lead to problems when starting up the stick. In the editorial office, it was not possible to connect the Mi TV Stick to our test screen because its housing was too thick and the HDMI connector was not long enough.

If you have problems connecting the Mi TV Stick to your screen, there are HDMI extensions. Such an extension also improves the WiFi reception of the streaming stick. Due to the increased distance to the device, there is less radiation shielding and interference.

Unfortunately, Xiaomi does not include this with the Mi TV Stick, unlike Amazon's Fire TV Stick. Apart from the short connector, the stick makes a solid impression and does not show any abnormalities.

Setting up the Mi TV Stick: Xiaomi gives you a lot of freedom

When setting up the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, after the desired language and country has been selected, the question is asked whether you want to carry out the process with your smartphone. So you can transfer the WiFi and Google Account login data of your Android smartphone to the television. It's practical and saves time.

If you decide instead not to carry out the setup automatically, you will next be asked for WiFi access. As soon as a connection to the Internet has been established, you will be given the opportunity to log in with your Google account. Unlike many other streaming sticks, this is not mandatory here.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

These pictures show the Mi TV Stick from Xiaomi.

You can simply skip this step. You can still use the preinstalled apps Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube. Without a Google account, however, you will not be able to install any further apps on the stick. For this you need the Play Store and this can only be used with a Google account.

You will also be asked whether you allow access to the device location. Here, too, it is up to you whether you give permission or not.

Android TV and integrated Chromecast

When it comes to the surface, the Mi TV Stick relies on Android TV 9, which means that the interface is identical to some televisions from Phillips and Sony. The surface of the Mi TV Stick is very clear and shows your favorite apps in a list. The currently most popular content is presented to you for each app. At first, there is relatively little information on the content of the apps on the surface. This ensures a tidy start page. If you want to take a closer look at the content, simply open the apps from Netflix, Prime Video & Co.

A big plus point of the Mi TV Stick is the already integrated Chromecast. This allows you to stream very easily from your smartphone or laptop to your stick. For example, you can stream podcasts from SoundCloud directly on your stick.

If you are currently browsing on your laptop and would like to watch something on the big screen, you can switch to the Mi TV Stick by clicking on the Chromecast symbol.


The Mi TV Stick has 1 gigabyte of RAM and 8 gigabytes of integrated storage space. The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick ran very smoothly in the test and showed no signs of jerking or long waiting times. However, the stick no longer offers large power reserves for future applications. Videos can be played back in full HD. 3D sound formats such as Auro3D or Dolby Atmos are not supported.

remote control

The remote control has a very simple structure. First of all, the two buttons "Netflix" and "Prime video" catch your eye. They can be used to open the apps at any time. A feature that can now also be found on the latest remote control for the Fire TV Stick. The pressure points of the individual keys seem a bit spongy and the remote control looks a bit more unwieldy compared to the competition.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

Editor's rating 7.7 Reader ratings

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick: the best alternatives

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Xiaomi Mi TV Stick: data sheet

Here you can find the technical data for the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. You can easily compare size, weight and other properties with other products.

Type Stick
connections HDMI
Internal memory 8 GB
maximum resolution Full HD
Image formats not specified
Sound formats Dolby Digital, DTS
Netflix app available?✔ Yes
Amazon Prime Video app available?✔ Yes
Disney + available?✔ Yes
receive linear television✔ Yes
Games✔ Yes
Browser✘ No.
Remote control included?✔ Yes