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In the fast lane with the accelerator: an overview of funding programs

The right accelerator for every start-up

In the German usage of the founder world, the term "accelerator" is found more and more frequently, but less often than the English term for it, "accelerator". And yet both terms mean the same thing: accelerator. And what does an accelerator intend to accelerate? The growth of promising business models! To put it more concretely, it is a time-limited funding program for start-ups.

These intensive start-up programs, equipped with financial grants, office space, further training measures and mentoring, are mostly aimed at new entrepreneurs with business ideas in the field of information and communication technology (ICT). But hardware start-ups and founders from the health, music and energy sectors are also increasingly in demand. The main criterion for being eligible for funding from an accelerator is: high market potential. This should be promoted and exhausted as quickly as possible.

And so, within a few months, everything is done to ensure that the hitherto unpolished business idea is ready for the market. For this purpose, business plans are drawn up, founding teams are formed, marketing channels are fed and financing is initiated. But the sustainable introduction into existing national and international networks is also aimed for. This should enable the founders to come into contact with investors, group managers, opinion leaders and experienced entrepreneurs from the industry.

Each of the accelerator programs has its focus, its special resources and its exclusive network. We present some of the numerous accelerator programs below.

Overview: Accelerator in Berlin, Leipzig, Hamburg, etc.

Below you will find several accelerator programs that support start-ups and start-ups in the implementation and further development of their business ideas in Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Lüneburg, Karlsruhe or throughout Germany. Some of the accelerator programs even send their protégés to Silicon Valley, San Francisco or New York.

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