Have dachshund hunted badger


Dachshund: Physical Characteristics

The dachshund (or dachshund or dachshund) is a small breed of dog that impresses above all with its characteristic appearance. Since the legs are extremely short, the relatively long body is rather low. A dachshund is usually a maximum of 30 centimeters high, but can also weigh up to nine kilograms. Because the dachshunds are usually quite strong and muscular.

Different variants of the Dachshund dog breed

The breed is divided into the varieties Dachshund, Dwarf Dachshund and Rabbit Dachshund, which in turn come in the three types of shorthair, longhair and wire-haired. The elongated head of the dachshund has a very erect, attentive posture.

Teckel: Bred for hunting

The dachshund was bred for the construction hunt, in which the game is to be chased out of its burrow by the dog. The particularly short legs were purposely bred because they make it easier for the dachshund to break into fox and badger homes. In the 1970s, the dachshund became a popular German pet and was even the mascot of the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972. Since then, the number of dachshunds has decreased significantly.

Character and essence of the dachshund

Due to its background as a hunting dog, the Dachshund is still very brave, fearless and confident. Since he is left to his own devices, for example in badger burrows, he has to make decisions himself - and he also makes such decisions in other areas. Dachshunds are usually quite stubborn and strong-willed, which is why they need a good education. The clever four-legged friends are very happy to learn if you deal with them in a species-appropriate manner. A loving consequence is appropriate in the education of the Dachshund. It is important that he learns not to act too rebelliously towards larger dogs - otherwise his strong self-confidence will put him in danger.

Keeping the Dachshund

A species-appropriate dachshund attitude is associated with a lot of exercise. Outdoor exercise is a must for persevering dogs. Make sure, however, that your dachshund is very well trained so that its pronounced hunting instinct does not lead it astray. Dog sport is unfortunately not really a dachshund thing - due to its special proportions, it is not well suited for agility and co. However, games of all kinds are gladly accepted. You can find more on the subject of keeping in the guide: "Wire-haired dachshund: keeping conditions for dogs".