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Pretty Russian friends

D 2020
Comedy (90 min.)

Bernd (Oliver Mommsen) and Daniela Weigel (Susanna Simon) not only make good business with the sale of a building plot, but also make the acquaintance of the happy buyers. The couple Viktor (Jevgenij Sitochin) and Svetlana Galkin (Katerina Medvedeva) would like to finally build a house for their whole family on the newly acquired 1000 square meters in a prime location. The high-proof drink of the Weigels and Galkins is soon followed by a rude awakening: A bomb could go off on the building site at any time - in the truest sense of the word! In order to dispose of the 250-kilo dud from the Second World War at no cost, Viktor sets to work himself and asks Bernd for help. Fortunately, the Do-It-Yourself campaign ends without an explosion, but the secret men's campaign goes badly wrong. What remains is a hefty bill for the large-scale police operation - and, as is well known, friendship ends with money. But not love, because Bernd's son Johannes (Anton von Lucke) and Viktor's daughter Irina (Barbara Prakopenka) have grown closer in the meantime. To have a future together, they have to settle their parents' bitter argument. Help comes from Grandma Lyudmila (Natalia Bobyleva) and Grandpa Reginald (Wolfgang Stumph), who use unusual methods to raise the money. If everything is going like clockwork - isn't something fishy? A German-Russian real estate deal ends in chaos after the discovery of an aircraft bomb and the question of who pays the six-figure bill. The cultural clash comedy “Pretty Russian Friends” plays with clichés and opens up a view of different ways of life and values. Director Esther Gronenborn relies on speed and puns. The top-class ensemble includes Oliver Mommsen, Susanna Simon, Anton von Lucke, Barbara Prakopenka and Wolfgang Stumph. (Text: One)

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