Why are companies hiring McKinsey these days?

Twelve employers and their most creative benefits

Deutsche Telekom: With an exercise bike at his desk

The telecommunications company from Bonn promotes the health and fitness of its employees in a special way and has purchased more than 5000 desk bikes.

Upstalsboom:Trainees on Kilimanjaro

The hotel chain is causing a sensation by giving its trainees spectacular experiences under the motto "Tour of Life" - for example the trip to the northern Porlarkkreis in Svalbard in 2016.

Würth:Concerts with international stars

The employees of the Würth family business have all been able to experience stars like Sting and Die Fantastischen Vier as well as the performances of the "Würth Philharmonic" at the "Würth Open Air" of the same name.

Puma: Hip in Herzogenaurach

At the sporting goods manufacturer, a barber shop opens its doors at regular intervals and offers the opportunity to shave well, cut hair or care for nails during working hours. There is also a fitness center with a wide range of courses from kung fu to yoga.

Handle:Paid days off for social engagement
As part of the "Together as a team" program, employees at Henkel can apply for donations in cash and in kind as well as up to five days paid leave each year for their voluntary activities, such as building bridges in Vietnam.

Delivery Hero: Napping Rooms

In the headquarters of the internet company there is a bedroom for a power nap in between. Employees can choose between a sofa bed and a hammock.

Paulaner brewery: House drink

The employees of the Munich brewery receive a generous monthly quota of 78 beer tokens, which corresponds to around 40 liters. Also includes non-alcoholic beverages from the range.

Porsche: Paid care time

At Porsche, employees can take three months off work in the event of an acute need for care by relatives and receive a further 75 percent of their gross salary.

Scout 24: Dog-friendly workplace
At the Internet company from Munich, the employees' dogs are not just a tolerated, but valued part of everyday work. Many employees take advantage of the opportunity to bring their dog to the office every day.