Why is Daenerys not on fire

Game of Thrones Season 8: Signs of Daenerys' Madness

Daenerys' only plan for King's Landing was to just fly out and burn everything down in Season 7 and Season 8. Her advisors repeatedly advise her not to do it. First, Daenerys listens to Tyrion and Co. She realizes that it would not be an advantage to conquer the throne as a stranger and kill the population in the process. People will fear her instead of seeing her as a righteous queen.

She even travels north to help her lover Jon fight the undead. But in the end all she wants is King's Landing. The north makes her insecure: everyone loves Jon, a real north man and a strong man too. But nobody can do anything with the strange queen. That scratches the ego of the dragon mother, who was celebrated as a savior at least by the Dothraki and the freed slaves. Jon gets all the praise in the north. Then it turns out that Jon has a greater claim to the throne. Her insecurity mixes with paranoia and she can no longer make clear decisions. When she wins without a real fight because the Lannister Army surrenders, the last fuse blows on her. She wants revenge for her life in exile, for the injustice that was done to her.

Unfortunately, she forgets that she actually wanted to fight for the people, break chains and kill tyrants. The storm-born no longer dwells on moral decisions. She knows that she no longer has the greatest claim to the throne and, much worse for her, everyone else knows too. Through fear, she tries to silence the residents of King's Landing and also Jon.

In the "Inside the Episode" video for episode 5 of season 7, the series makers Benioff and Weiss emphasize again that Daenerys acted in affect and the sight of the keep, the home of their ancestors, which was taken from them, the synapses at Daenerys let them burn out.

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