What is the smartest zodiac sign

Statistics prove: This zodiac sign is the smartest!

The portal GoCompare examined whether there is a connection between the IQ and the zodiac sign. Amazing results come to light.

Are some zodiac signs smarter than others? The GoCompare page has dealt with this question. In a study, the site analyzed a total of 900 Nobel Prize winners since 1901 and analyzed them for their zodiac signs.

Winner with 97 Nobel Prize winners

You can find out who the winner is in the video above. Just this much: the winner has 97 Nobel Prize winners. According to this, more than every 10th Nobel Prize winner is born under this zodiac sign.

In second place is the zodiac sign Libra with 93 Nobel Prizes, which is just a little behind the winner. Jungfrau also made it onto the podium with 88 Nobel Prizes, namely third place.

Who does the worst?

We not only tell you who is the smartest, but also which zodiac sign does not do so well in the ranking. In last place are the ibex with only 58 Nobel Prize winners. Sorry, dear ibexes! Before that, scorpions and lions shared the penultimate place with 64 winners each.

Which is at least as exciting as the intelligence: Do you have what it takes to be a serial killer? Your zodiac sign also provides information about this, see for yourself!