Why did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself

Death in the prison cell : Autopsy confirms Jeffrey Epstein's suicide

The US entrepreneur Jeffrey Epstein, found dead in his prison cell at the weekend, killed himself, according to the official autopsy report. This was announced by the responsible medical office of the city of New York to the news agency dpa. The autopsy report thus confirms the already probable assumption that Epstein - who was accused of abuse of minors - committed suicide. After Epstein's death, some conspiracy theorists claimed that the multi-millionaire had been murdered.

According to media reports, the suicide had become possible because Epstein's guards, despite an apparently previous attempt, violated their duty of supervision two weeks earlier. Instead of checking the detainee every 30 minutes as prescribed, the two officers in Epstein's prison unit fell asleep and did not check his condition for around three hours, the New York Times reported.

Epstein allegedly committed suicide during this time. The 66-year-old was found by prison staff last Saturday morning and later pronounced dead in a hospital. The director of the detention center was transferred at the behest of Attorney General William Barr. Barr complained of "serious irregularities" in the detention center and promised a thorough investigation into the case.

Epstein, well connected in elite circles, was imprisoned in a Manhattan detention center, where he was to remain until the start of his trial. The court had provisionally set the start of the process at the beginning of June 2020. The businessman was accused of sexually abusing dozens of minors. According to the indictment, Epstein built an illegal sex trafficking ring in New York and Florida between 2002 and 2005.

The ex-investment banker liked to appear in public with politicians and celebrities. Among other things, he had - at least temporarily - contacts with today's President Donald Trump, with ex-President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew from Great Britain. US media speculate that a lawsuit would have weighed heavily on other celebrities. The prosecutor claims to continue investigating the case despite Epstein's death. (dpa)

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