How do I hire a professional handyman

Craftsman botch: 3 tips to avoid unprofessional work

Does the toilet flush work worse than before after the repair? Our 3 tips show you what you can do with a handyman botch, what rights you have and how you can find your professional specialist with the right search.

The walls of your apartment urgently need a new coat of paint or the bathroom has not seen any new tiles in years?

The fact is: manual work is required in your own apartment at regular intervals. And those who are not particularly skilled in their craft have to get professional help.

But if the wallpaper meets you or the flush floods the entire bathroom, something has gone wrong. In most cases, this is a handyman botch.

With our tips, we will tell you what you should pay attention to now and also before hiring a specialist.

Or do you already know what to do? Then you can now advertise your project without obligation and compare offers from rated craftsmen as quickly as possible:

1. The right search beforehand is crucial

The search for the right specialist is often opaque and arduous. This is often due to the far too large selection. But with our tricks the right craftsman can be found very quickly and easily.

  • Take your time and to compare You several offers together:

Take a close look at the described areas of activity of the craftsman. In this way you can filter out the first unsuitable offers.

  • Check out the reviews of the craftsman to:

The rating system on gives you a quick overview and only the best are selected.

  • Pay attention to the professional ones Qualifications and certificates:

A professional craftsman can prove a master craftsman's certificate in advance, which indicates the completion of a professional training. He should also be a member of the professional association and / or the local trade association.

  • Note the spatial distance of the craftsman:

At you have the option of finding a tradesman in your immediate vicinity with just a few clicks, which enables you to directly reduce travel costs.

2. You can recognize a professional craftsman on site by these characteristics

Now the time has come: you have chosen a craftsman to do your work. But how do you know whether the person on site is really working professionally?

By observing the following characteristics, you can expose a dubious craftsman and consequently prevent a botch.

  • The first impression is crucial:

A high-quality and well-equipped tool case and professional work clothing are the first indications for a professional way of working.

  • A professional advice its a must:

Does the craftsman take time for your concerns? Can he simply explain complicated issues to you? Is he friendly and polite with you? Then you can be sure that a competent and trained advisor will be in front of you.

Included in a detailed and transparent cost estimate are:

  • Material costs,
  • Labour costs,
  • Travel costs,
  • Departure costs,
  • the method of payment,
  • possible discounts,
  • Information on the start of the order or the expected completion,
  • the number of employees,
  • the estimated working time in hours
  • the information from which companies the material originates

3. This is how you can defend yourself against a botch

Now it has unfortunately happened after all: you have discovered deficiencies in the work of your craftsman. How that would not have happened, your rights in the case of unprofessional work and how you behave now, tell you the following points:

  • You have the right to rework:

A craftsman is legally obliged to deliver his work free of defects. If this is not the case, you have the right to rework.

  • Record any defects you discover in writing before acceptance:

The point in time is crucial here, because after the acceptance the burden of proof is reversed and you now have to prove the defects. Another tip: use photos for documentation. These are dated and make it easier to explain the facts.

  • Correct time compliance with the complaint:

If you are not satisfied with the workmanship, a written deadline should be set for rectification. According to the law, this is 10 days.

  • No acceptance in the case of serious defects:

If, for example, there is severe water damage, you can refuse to accept the work completely and do not have to pay the craftsman.

In the case of minor errors, you can accept the work, but withhold part of the invoice until it is completed properly.

  • Obtain help from a lawyer or an arbitration board in the event of a dispute:

If the craftsman is unreasonable, you can prevent unnecessary arguments by engaging a third, neutral authority.

Here you can find out more about contracts with craftsmen.

Find a professional craftsman successfully!

You now know what it takes to be a professional and what to do with a handyman. It will therefore be much easier for you to find the ideal craftsman for your offer.

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