How is Dev Patel in real life

Problems with its Indian roots

Dev Patel (26) first had to learn to appreciate his origins.

The actor was born in London to two Hindus. While he is proud of his roots today, he couldn't say that of himself in his youth. "I struggled with my identity growing up in London. My great-grandmother couldn't speak English, so I tried to knit a sentence in Gujarati with a bit of English slang, but then she laughed at me," he revealed the British 'Time Out' magazine.

"But I also denied parts of my Indian origins. In order not to be bullied and to belong." Above all, his role in 'Slumdog Millionaire' brought the star not only fame, but also finally understanding of his roots. "When I went to India to film Slumdog, it opened my mind and allowed me not only to accept my culture but also to appreciate it," said Dev.

In his new flick, 'Lion', he was allowed to explore his origins again, as he portrays Saaro Brierley. He was adopted (in real life as well) by an Australian couple after he had lost his parents. As an adult, he used Google Earth to locate his family in Calcutta.

In real life, however, Dev Patel is not really a friend of Instagram and Co, as he revealed: "They say that you can get roles with a large following. But I'm old-fashioned, I'm just trying to be an artist."