Why not amputate your paraplegic legs?

Vogel even thought of leg amputation

Appearance in the "current sports studio"

Kristina Vogel | Photo: Cor Vos

December 16, 2018 | (rsn) - Kristina Vogel, who has been paralyzed since her accident on the railway in Cottbus in the summer, was thinking about a leg amputation during her rehabilitation.

"During the time when I started to sit and tried to shower or turn around in bed, I noticed that my legs are really difficult. Without legs, it would be easier," said the twice Olympic champion on Saturday at an appearance in the "Current Sports Studio".

But then she said to herself: "The legs belong to me. They carried me for 28 years and I would miss them painfully. That's why this thought went away very quickly and I am glad that they are there."

There were also "black moments", Vogel continued: "But life goes on and it's still beautiful. I can still do super nice things - no longer as a pedestrian, but in a wheelchair," said the Erfurt native who will continue to be cared for in the Berlin Accident Hospital Marzahn after the dramatic events of June 26th and which radiated optimism and confidence in the sports studio. Vogel, who will be spending Christmas with her family at home in Erfurt, can even imagine having children.