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EC and credit card fraud

Emergency lock 116 116

Due to the increasing number of card-based payments and the resulting confusion of blocking hotlines, the blocking emergency number 116 116 was introduced on July 1, 2005 on the recommendation of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and as a project of the D21 initiative.

The campaign is supported by the German Retail Association - The Retailer (HDE). With the campaign, the campaign partners are using increased preventive measures and targeted tips to inform consumers about the correct behavior in the event of card loss in order to prevent financial damage.

In order to effectively prevent misuse of your cards, you should use your stolen or lost cards have it blocked immediately.

Debit cards (e.g. girocard, formerly also known as ec card) can be blocked nationwide via the standardized central telephone number 116 116 * (blocking emergency call) or 01805-021021 **.

The emergency number is the the world's first central and standardized telephone numberto have cards and electronic authorizations blocked. In the event of a card loss, the citizen receives safe, quick and uncomplicated help, and there is also the blocking emergency call Also available for speech and hearing impaired people under the number 116 116 by fax.

Since November 1, 2010, holders of a new identity card or electronic residence permit have been able to block the online identification function by telephone

From abroad, you can reach the emergency barring number with the respective national pre-welfare for Germany, usually on +49 116 116. For additional security, especially for being able to be reached from abroad, the emergency barring call can also be reached on +49 (0 ) 30 40 50 40 50 to achieve.


Blocked numbers for credit cards:

  • MasterCard Germany only: 0800 071 3542 *
  • from other countries (collect call): +1 636 7227 111
  • Visa: 0800 811 8440 *
  • from other countries (collect call): +1 303 9671 096
  • American Express: +49 69 97 97 1000 **
  • Diners Club: +49 69 900 150 135 or 136 **


* Free of charge from the German landline network and from the mobile network within Germany, different fees from abroad

** 14 cents / min. from the German landline network, 42 ​​cents / min. Maximum mobile phone price, different charges from abroad

In the event of a loss, we also recommend that you notify the bank holding the account immediately. Some institutes offer their own emergency call service for this purpose.


What is required for blocking?

The cardholder must Not Register to use the emergency lock call. However, the following data should be kept ready to block lost cards:

  • EC and bank cards: the account number is absolutely required; the bank code is helpful for faster processing
  • Credit cards: the name of the bank or alternatively the bank code


Which cards can be blocked?

The blocking emergency number 116 116 applies to customers with cards or media whose issuers have joined the blocking emergency call. There are now over 116 116 more than 90 percent of all bank and payment cards, various company employee ID cards and even cell phone cards are blocked. The concept of the emergency call barring calls for the involvement of participants from other industries and with other media, e.g. from the healthcare sector, as well as companies with employee IDs or access authorizations. The non-discriminatory access enables all issuers of cards and electronic authorizations to join the blocking emergency call - regardless of the number of cards in circulation.