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Becoming a writer: the 13 secrets of successful authors


Alex can't get enough of this. He spreads out his daily dose in front of him, puts on his tube and pulls it in vigorously.

A cruel picture.

These people are always shown to us when one speaks of "addiction".

There is a large group of people who are just as dependent and don't even notice:


Or rather, would-be writers. People who would like to turn writing into a profession.

These people are dependent on one thing: tips.

Tips about writing. Tips for better texts. Tips for more readers.

They read their guides, blogs and buy one writing guide after the other every day. Why? Because that's how they get their kick.

They feel like they got better and got one step closer to their goal.

Feel good.

But they really didn't do anything. You have read but not written.

And that is the danger of these “counselor drugs”: You consume, but you never act.

You read but you don't write.

You think, but never implement anything.

Why you can't become a writer

I know this phase only too well: I wanted to become a writer and consumed every tip like a junkie (hence my domain name).

The problem: somehow I didn't get any closer to my goal.


It wasn't because of the “writing technique”, but because of my personality.

I as a person was just boring, not my writing style. My story was boring, not my choice of words. It was up to me, not my words.

Many people already have a good writing style, but they still lack what it takes to be a writer.


It's up to their personality.

The 13 secrets of successful writers

A strong personality always writes strong text - on any topic. Albert Einstein is often quoted - on all subjects in life. From success to luck, time and physics. Why? It was his personality.

In order to become a writer, you need to work on your character - not just your writing style.

Here are the 13 personality traits of successful writers. These qualities are the 13 secrets of successful writers.

Great writers have:

1) An altar

At the beginning I would like to disappoint you: you cannot have everything. What? A motivational speaker told you that if you just believe in yourself firmly, you can achieve anything?

Nonsense with sauce.

You only have one arrow. You cannot hit 17 targets with it at once. Becoming a writer, professional boxer, volunteer disaster relief worker in Nigeria ... could be difficult.

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To become a writer, you have to sacrifice something. Your hobby? Your sport? Your sleep? What are you ready to put on the altar of writing? John Grisham wrote at night and sacrificed his sleep - the sacrifice was worth it.

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2) magic powers

People have dreams. People have goals. People have desires.

The funny thing is: you want to reach them yourself. If you carry someone over the top, they won't feel like a winner. He realizes that you did all the work.

You have to be more of the shoe on the runner's foot - you helped him, but he managed the run himself.

If you can be that magical power that helps people achieve their goals, then people will love you. Be it through novels, guides or blogs. Some people will kiss your ink-stained fingers.

Have you ever wondered why “motivational speakers” have such a devoted fan base and why their books sell like the new iPhone? Tony Robbins and Co. have discovered this secret for themselves.

3) A sandbag

In life, it is not the one who gives the most that wins, but rather the one who takes the most.

Many can hand out - only a few take it.

How much criticism can you take? How Much Correction Can You Accept? Can you just put up with baseless insults?

As a writer, you offer yourself and the world as a sandbag. You dare to go outside and have to expect that there will be headwinds.

People will hit your lyrics like a punching bag. But if you persevere, the reward will be greater.

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4) hunger

Do you want more?

Hungry people make history - not the fully lined aristocrats in their handmade leather armchairs, whose biggest problem is whether they should buy a white or a black Mercedes ...

William Wallace made history because he was hungry for freedom.

Martin Luther King made history because he was hungry for equality.

John Grisham always wrote at night while working as a lawyer - and he's still hungry, making him one of the most prolific writers of our time.

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5) perseverance

Journalism is a great job. If only it wasn't for writing.

What's the most boring process of writing a book?

The writing.

Choose cover? That is fun. Tell people that you are currently writing a book? That is fun. See how sales increase? It's a lot of fun.

But the letter? This is the boringest and hardest part of book writing. If writing a book was easy, everyone would have published a book today.

But sheer perseverance divides the world into two groups of people: one with a book, the other without a book.

Perseverance is an important cure for writer's block.

6) A shower

If you don't think about your book in the shower, it probably won't be a good book.

In other words, if you don't think about your topic all the time, then you're not wholeheartedly involved.

The trouble with it: Readers notice immediately when something has been written half-heartedly. When writing, you sit in front of your paper and pour your heart out. Anger, hate, love, joy - everything flows into the text and lets the reader experience these emotions.

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7) A long nose

School has managed to kill curiosity in many of us. Only years later, after we realize that a “normal job” is not the fullness of life, do we start looking again.

The world keeps telling us not to stick our noses in things that are none of our business. But successful journalists and authors in particular do this every day. They stick their noses deep in the crap of this world and write about it - and are read by the masses. You ask questions that nobody asks. They give answers that nobody dares to give.

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8) A quiet room

As a writer, you could talk about writing all day. With his friends, family or at conferences.

Networking, exchanging business cards, doing some advertising ...

But at some point this moment comes: the moment of writing. In this moment you are all alone. No talk, no fuss. Just you and the paper.

As a writer, you have to be willing to spend hours alone. You have to love the silence and togetherness between you and the sheet.

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9) A party

On the other hand, you also have to make friends, meet new people, get your message across, shake hands.

Stop “networking”. Stop building a network of people who are useful to you. Better to start being useful to others. That will bring you a large circle of friends.

Stop trying to be this interesting and start getting interested - in the person, not what they can do for you.

10) A mission

The most successful books are those that do not satisfy the author's need (“I want to write a book”), but books that improve the reader's life. Take a look at the bestseller lists: At number one you will find the Bible, which changed the lives of many people.

Guidebooks (you can think of them what you want) are also regularly among the best-selling books.

People don't care about you - no matter how hard that sounds. They care about what you can do for them - if it's just entertainment (which is why novels sell very well too).

Tim Ferriss wrote a bestseller, not because its style is so stunning, but because its story and mission ("people should work less, earn more") is so stunning.

What is your mission Where do you want to make the world a better place? What are your 2 cents for a better human race?

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11) A blindfold

The bitter realization of life is: You cannot see everything. You can't know everything And you can certainly not plan everything.

Sometimes all you have to do is trust blindly. Just trust that if you get the best out of yourself every day, everything will be fine.

Everyone. Individual. Day.

12) A big clock

Sometimes you just have to wait.

Wait a long time.




You have sent your manuscript and have to wait. You have offered a contribution and have to wait. The best things come like a Trabi in the GDR: after 25 years of waiting.

Many gamble away their writing success simply because they are unwilling to wait. Your patience thread must be long enough that you can sew a three-piece suit out of it.

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13) A big heart

I see a lot of bloggers competing, criticizing, crushing the other. It works - but only for a while.

I miss love in many authors. The love of one's neighbor. The love of the audience. Even the love of writing. Click to tweet

If you forget everything you've just read, just remember one thing:

Love your next. Love your audience. Because what you sow, you will reap.

My wish for you

I wish that you will become a writer. Whether as a book author, eBook author or blogger - we are all writers and I want you to be part of it.

Therefore: Pick a character trait and work on it. Just one. When you have mastered them, then you move on to the next one.

You will see: the character of an author is a great secret that is worth exploring.

If you are on your way to becoming a writer, then I want to ask you a question:

What is the biggest (character) obstacle you have right now?

Mine: I have too many construction sites and am still learning to sacrifice them (point 1).

I'm looking forward to your commentary.

Stay great, write great.

Your Walter