How are the Pakistani people

Why Pakistan?

Pakistan lies between Afghanistan and India, China and Iran. You are right in Pakistan if you want to combine the loneliness of the mountains with the hustle and bustle of the big city.
If you travel to Pakistan with the thought of a lot of untouched nature, the best place to start your trip is in the far north. This is where the three highest mountain ranges on earth - the Hindu Kush, the Karakoram and the Himalayas - meet. The Karakoram is also characterized by the Baltoro Glacier, one of the largest glaciers in the world. A real paradise for experienced mountaineers, but also for inexperienced hikers who want to broaden their horizons and are not afraid of a little sore muscles. The view can of course also be enjoyed from below.

The capital Islamabad

After the ultimate nature experience, the vacation continues in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. Islamabad now has around one million inhabitants. Planning for the capital was given during the 1960s, but it did not experience its boom until the 1990s and the population has skyrocketed ever since.

Here you can marvel at many sights, for example the Faisal Mosque, which became known for its striking construction and its enormous size, or the Pakistan Monument, which was built to symbolize the unity of the Pakistani people, with an adjoining museum and large reference library. There is also a lot of green nature, parks and lakes in and around the big city that you should definitely discover.

Preparation for the trip to Pakistan

If you don't want to stay away from the big city hustle and bustle on vacation, there are many other cities to explore in Pakistan, Faisalabad with a little more than three million inhabitants and Lahore with over eleven million inhabitants are just two options.
For those of you who like to make it easy for yourself on vacation, there are now many offers for round trips including hotel stays and flights over a period of several weeks. You will be taken care of all around and you don't have to worry about where you will spend the next night.
Those who prefer to deal with planning and booking themselves get their money's worth in Pakistan.
You can book your flight from Frankfurt, after which you can freely decide whether you want to travel from sight to sight in Pakistan or think of your perfect route beforehand. Backpacking is also not a problem in Pakistan. The culture in this country is generally super hospitable as long as its values ​​and ideas are respected.
Before you book your flight, you should make sure to apply for your visa early enough. There are also various visa options for Pakistan.
You can apply for your visa either online or either in Berlin at the Pakistani embassy or in Frankfurt at the Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. However, it does not matter whether you want to come for a business trip or this year's summer vacation, you always need a visa. The Federal Foreign Office is currently also pointing out on its website that from October 5th, 2020 anyone who wants to travel to the country must prove that they have installed and registered the Covid-19 app PakPass.

Travel security in Pakistan

When it comes to travel safety, everyone should be aware that there are regions in Pakistan that have not been safe for decades, but above all have not been accessible to tourists at all. If you travel to Pakistan as an average tourist, it is not necessary to constantly worry about security, it is only important that you travel consciously. This also means finding out beforehand which regions are open to tourists and which are not. For this, it is particularly worthwhile to regularly check the statements made by the Federal Foreign Office, which can be easily traced on its website (you can also use the Federal Foreign Office's country information to find out about the current infection rate in the respective country or region). Above all, the local police also help. Should it ever come to the point that you as a tourist enter a dangerous environment, the nearest police escort is usually less than five minutes away. This is free for tourists, you don't have to call anyone or worry about anything, in most cases the police will be there before you.

Culture & Religion in Pakistan

In addition, you have actively and with good reason decided to choose Pakistan as your travel destination. This also means that you have to be aware of how different the Pakistani culture is from the German. It is not dangerous to travel in Pakistan, but there are cultural differences that you should be aware of and deal with accordingly.
Pakistanis are very attentive to clothing and appearance. Every person of any gender is asked not to show bare arms or legs in public.
However, traveling as a woman in particular is associated with adhering to the unofficial dress code. It is best to choose wide pants, a wide shirt and a scarf or scarf, which can also be used as a headscarf. The Pakistanis call these garments salwar (harem pants), kameez (wide shirt) and dupatta (scarf).
The most important thing is to respect the cultural and religious values ​​of the Pakistanis. If you want to visit a mosque, you must not forget to take off your shoes and, as a woman, to cover your hair with a headscarf. If you travel together with your partner, you should refrain from direct expressions of your affection in public, whether holding hands or a kiss on the cheek, unfortunately all of this is considered offensive in Pakistan and is not welcomed.

Bring about change

For Buckle and Seam, Pakistan means sustainability and tradition.
What matters to us is that we have found a country in Pakistan and the Pakistanis in which we can manufacture our products in a sustainable, fair and high-quality manner.
Our direct contact with the production facilities enables us to pay our employees fairly for their work. We also go one step further and donate three percent of our sales to the #onebagonechild initiative we founded. This enables us to enable girls in Pakistan to attend school.

No matter whether with a backpack or a planned round trip. Pakistan has something for everyone
Offer. Whether adventure in nature, big city flair or a cultural sightseeing trip. It's exciting to get to know traditional Pakistani cuisine. Here you will also notice how hospitable the Pakistanis are.
If you have not yet decided where your next vacation should go, this will give you one more inspiration.