Would you rather be rich or rich

Resolutions 2021 Save money and get rich

Why do you want to save? To fulfill a dream, for example of a trip around the world? Or would you like to save for the children or provide for your own old age? No matter what goal you are working towards, wealth accumulation takes place in three steps:

  • earn money
  • save money
  • invest money

Think long term

Nobody gets rich overnight - unless you win the main prize in the lottery. To be really secure in old age, you need time and patience. Deal with your finances. Yes, it's boring and exhausting, but it's worth it.

Keep a budget book so that you get a realistic overview of what you spend how much money each month. Only then can you calculate the personal monthly amount that you have left over and can invest.

Tip from financial experts: Put part of your salary into an extra account by standing order. That can be 50 euros or 200 euros. The money is safe from spontaneous spending and the standing order can be individually adjusted depending on the life situation.

Financial experts call this procedure "paying yourself" - because you pay other people with the fixed costs for rent, electricity, heating, insurance and food.

Reduce everyday costs

You can save money every month with little effort. Cheaper shopping, electricity provider, internet provider, change insurance - that reduces the fixed costs enormously. Do you really need four different streaming services, magazine subscription and gym membership? Take Kassensturz and ask yourself honestly whether you really need this or that.

Admittedly, a bit of discipline and abstaining from consumption is a prerequisite for having another 100 euros left over at the end of the month, for example. But in a year they add up to 1,200 euros! This money serves as a buffer for difficult times or can be invested in turn.

Saving tip: do you absolutely need the car?

Anyone who lives in the city and has a good infrastructure with buses and trams should think about selling the car and switching to car sharing. Renting instead of owning is the magic word here. Because most of the day your car is idle in a parking lot or on the street, so it is not moved. But it "eats" taxes and insurance every month. In addition, there is the TÜV, winter tires, gasoline and the general depreciation.

Instead, walk to the supermarket and have the heavy crates delivered to you. Cycle to work or take a bus. A monthly ticket is often financially supported by the employer as a "job ticket".

If you need a car for larger errands or don't want to take the train on vacation, you can simply rent a car from car-sharing providers for a few hours. Insurance and petrol are already included in the rental price.

Invest in stocks or funds

Anyone who invests their money in cryptocurrency needs good nerves and a good dose of risk tolerance. Nobody knows how the courses will develop! A tripling of the value can happen within a year - just like the drop to a third.

It is better to invest in a broad block of shares, investment or index funds or real estate. Get professional advice from a fee advisor or read up on the topic. Financial experts recommend investing at least ten percent of your monthly salary and choosing funds with high returns.

Anyone who buys stocks needs staying power. Nobody gets rich with it overnight. Let the money work for you and check once a year which of your portfolios are generating how much return.

Invest in yourself

Many self-made millionaires agree that a certain will and an understanding of what is necessary are prerequisites in order to make and save money. Don't be satisfied with what you've already achieved, stay motivated.

Ask for a raise. Take advantage of further education and training, convince with your performance, make yourself indispensable in the company or, if necessary, look for another job - even if you have to move to another city.