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Issuance of a transfer permit / a corpse passport

General information

In theTransfer of corpses (within the state, in another state or abroad) you should contact the responsible authority for more detailed information.

Corpses may only be transferred by authorized funeral directors.

For the transfer abroad must be multilingual Corpse passport to be issued. Which documents may also be required for the transfer abroad depends on the Regulations of the respective destination country from.

Information on the transfer of corpses from abroad can be found on the page "death / funeral abroad" also on


  • The death examination has already taken place.
  • The death must already be certified by the registry office (notification of the death).
  • A release for burial is available ("death certificate").

Competent authority

In the case of a transfer within the federal state:

When moving from one federal state to another:

In the event of a transfer abroad:

  • The district administrative authority or the mayor of the place of death:
    • In Lower Austria: the mayor
    • In all other federal states: the district administration
    • In statutory cities: the magistrate


Depending on the federal state, you must either submit an application for approval of the transfer or report the transfer to the competent authority. In the case of one Transfer abroad you must submit an application to issue one Corpse passport to the competent authority.

You can submit the permit application and report in person or you can entrust the funeral home with it.

Required documents

Corpse accompanying slip (issued at the examination of the dead)


The costs can vary from state to state. Please inquire with the competent authority or the funeral home.

Additional Information

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