Which religious holidays do Protestants celebrate?

Christian festivals and holidays

WhiteColor of light, of purity, for special celebrations

High festivals like Christmas and Easter, men's feasts like Corpus Christi, Marian festivals, memorial days for saints who are not martyrs

Baptisms, weddings, ordinations

redColor of blood, fire and symbol of the Holy Spirit

Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Exaltation of the Cross, Feasts of the Martyrs


greenColor of hope, of renewed lifeIntermediate times in the church year in which no special festivals are celebratedvioletSymbol for transition and transformation, conversion and repentance

Advent and Lent, All Souls' Day

Alternative to black for funeral ceremonies

pinkLightening of the color purple, symbolizes the joyful character of the mid-fasting days halfway through the penance periodonly on Sundays Gaudete (3rd Sunday in Advent) and Laetare (4th Sunday of Lent)blackColor of sadnessAll Souls' Day, Funerals (can be replaced with purple)blueColor of purityformerly for Marian festivals (now replaced by white)Gold Silverfestive form of white, but no liturgical color of its ownon festive occasions to underline their special character