Who is Wix best for?

Create a homepage with Wix Experiences, costs and examples for the website construction kit

The advantages and disadvantages of Wix at a glance

  • Beautiful template designs
  • Intuitive operation via drag & drop
  • Most of the functions are already available in the free plan so that you can test everything extensively
  • lots of free visuals, graphics and illustrations
  • Shop owners have to work through a few points to ensure legal security. Instructions step by step

Wix experiences: Website builder in the test

Without any previous knowledge of creating websites, Kuechentipps.de editor Carina should gain initial experience with the modular system.

Creating the website

First of all: I am a complete beginner. With Wix, I dared to create my own website for the first time. And it was surprisingly easy. I started by looking at sample designs and templates. Here, Wix makes specific suggestions for the different industries (photography, portfolio, restaurants, etc.) This is a good approach, but I clicked through all industries to select my favorites.
Tip: I advise not only to look for templates in your own subject area, but also to look at suggestions for other industries.

The selection should be made carefully, because you cannot change the template later. This was a bit of a negative experience because at a later point in time I couldn't switch. But don't worry, if you think you have to stick to the template 1: 1, you are wrong. It really just serves as an idea to work on. Fonts, construction kits, picture size, color, etc. can be customized.

Free pictures for your website

There is a great deal of visual material that Wix provides for free. I chose a lot of photos from Wix, but there are also nice illustrations and graphics to choose from. You also have direct access to stock photos that you can buy for little money.

With a little trial and error, I managed to create the website in a few hours. I recommend all newcomers to think carefully at the beginning what content should be on the website later - this saves a lot of time.

Set up the Wix Online Shop

With the premium package eCommerce you can create your own online shop on your Wix site. Anyone who tries it will quickly notice that this step is also child's play. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can determine the design and upload your own products.

Wix online store features

Wix combines two essential things that enable every layperson to set up an online shop without programming knowledge:

  1. Wix is ​​a modular system and can therefore be operated visually without code
  2. There are hardly any functional limits, which also corresponds to more complex requirements.

By far ahead of Jimdo, Wix offers most of the functions as a shop construction kit. Here are just a few of the features that Wix differentiates:

  • Show the right picture for each product variant
  • Several VAT rates for products with 7% and 19% VAT.
  • Shipping costs for different product groups (more)
  • Sell ​​services or digital products (without physical shipping)

Wix examples

Here are a few examples of websites and online stores built with Wix. Some have just started and others have already established themselves successfully. Either way: the results are varied. In any case, the operators created everything themselves. Without programming knowledge with the website builder from Wix.

Conclusion on Wix

Wix is ​​very suitable for the self-employed and small business owners. You can really build a high quality website with simple steps and little time. As a newbie, everything you need is explained in an understandable way - what is SEO? How do I improve my reach? What to do next In addition, you have nothing to lose at first, because you can tinker around with the free website, see whether there is a suitable template, what a shop would look like and whether you like the system. You can even try out the provider for free here.

Wix is ​​constantly improving its application at a rapid pace. The system has long been absolutely competitive with Shopify and WooCommerce in the area of ​​e-commerce. And for this purpose, Wix can be used without prior knowledge to build a visually professional online shop.
The provider, which sees its core market in the USA, has long ignored the data protection requirements for websites in Europe. In the meantime, Wix is ​​also well positioned in terms of GDPR and guides its customers to implement the necessary measures in the creation of the website.

The range of functions is enormous and there is actually hardly anything that cannot be implemented with the modular system. With this, Wix also tries to meet the high demands such as those of agencies and very ambitious benefits. Unfortunately, the sometimes quite complex administration menu can overwhelm inexperienced users. Fortunately, there is a well-structured FAQ area that answers all questions about the product in a nutshell.

Learn more about the Wix kit

In principle, anyone can start free of charge to test how the editor works. Therefore, in the following I want to focus on points that are rather less transparent and self-explanatory.

Wix costs

What does a website or shop with Wix cost?

Homepage without shop function: The “Combo” premium package costs 8.50 per month (plus VAT). This plan is the best value for a website on Wix. In the cheaper “Connect Domain” tariff, an externally booked domain can be connected to the website, but a prominent Wix advertisement is displayed above the website. It looks like this

Website with online shop: The “Business Basic” premium package costs 17 EUR per month (plus VAT).

Billing is always made in advance for the whole year. If you register at Wix using this link, you will receive a 50% discount on the first year after 10 days. I get a commission from the provider for this.

What does a domain cost on Wix?

There are two options: A "Buy / Transfer Domain" (domain is owned by Wix) and B "Connect Domain" (external)

(A) Register your domain with Wix: The domain is included in the price for the first year, then EUR 15 per year

(B) Register the domain externally: For example at IONOS for around EUR 12 per year. I explain here why that can make sense.

What does a Wix email inbox cost?

If the domain is booked through Wix, it costs each post box 60 EUR per year plus VAT

Wix does not have its own email service and relies on Google's GSuite. However, you will be billed directly to your Wix customer account.

If the domain is external, you can use about 50 EUR per year a web space as a mail server book with your domain provider (no costs for additional mailboxes).

If no mailboxes matching the domain name are required, the costs are simply omitted (use an existing address)

All information including an infographic on the subject of Wix costs for tariff, mail and domain can be found in detail on this page

Cookie notice

Wix offers the possibility to use a simple cookie notice banner. Since Wix only sets functional cookies in the visitor's browser when the website is called up, this simple note is sufficient within the framework of the GDPR. Do you need an opt-in? Then read on here.