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This post contains advertising for my sponsors, who kindly provide me with your prizes free of charge.


It's finally here again! A blog event on LECKER & Co. On April 6th April LECKER & Co was 4 years old and that has to be celebrated. And of course I love to celebrate my blog birthday with you!

In keeping with the season, I chose the rhubarb theme. You can harvest the pink vegetables from April to Midsummer Day. Since I'm probably not the only fan of pink vegetables, I urge you to send me your favorite recipes (from April 15th to June 24th, 2018). Whether savory or sweet, cooked or baked, mixed or stirred - everything is allowed. I just want you to have the most delicious rhubarb recipes.

Blog event: Laber Rhubarb

Of course I also have a lot of great prizes for you. And exactly these would not be possible without my many great sponsors. At this point, thank you very much.

So that you all have the same chance of winning a prize, I have decided to split the prizes again into a voting list and a raffle list.

After the event is over, you can all vote for a week and name your favorites. Only those who vote will be included in the lottery pot for the raffle prizes.

But now I'll show you what you can win.

Here is a summary of your incredible 67 different rhubarb recipes: CLICK


Miyabi Shotoh knife from Zwilling

I love beautiful knives. I love sharp knives. I love japanese knives. About 10 years ago I got my 1st Japanese knife and have been an absolute fan ever since.

“The SHOTOH from Miyabi is a small and fine one-of-a-kind. With a length of 13 cm, the very thin and sturdy blade is ideal for cutting, peeling or cleaning vegetables or fruit. The ultra-sharp Honbazuke trigger on the blade, which is pulled off on both sides, ensures the extreme sharpness of the knife. In addition, there is the typical Japanese blade profile, which offers a symmetrical cutting edge with an angle of 19 degrees. "

I'm a little jealous of the winner because I would like to have this knife myself!

Serving bowl from KLOTZaufKLOTZ

I love the wood products from KLOTZaufKLOTZ. Everything is handcrafted in Tim and Matthias' own workshop. From the cutting board to the spice rack, you can find everything here. The particularly beautiful: the simple design. Straight lines and functional shapes - that's what I particularly like when it comes to kitchen utensils.

The serving bowl is also available in 4 different types of wood and the ceramic bowls in 7 different colors. The winner can of course choose them.

4 book package from Callwey

Anyone who has been following my blog for a long time knows that I'm a fan of the Callwey books. Again and again I review books by this publisher and this time I have put together a package of 4 great books for you.

"The tin cookbook" I have already tested it myself and am enthusiastic about the delicious and simple dishes. But so that you have even more to browse, there is still directly "Buddhy Bowls", "Saturday night" and "Easy Peasy" on top. With these 4 books you are definitely provided for the first time.

7 vinegars and 5 oils - delicacies from Byodo

Byodo offers you vinegar and oil full. A total of 12 bottles of the finest organic delicacies will end up with you if you win this prize. True to the motto:

"Organic just tastes better and that is often the best argument to win gourmets permanently for organic products." You can convince yourself of the quality and the vinegar varieties white wine vinegar, Aceto Balsamico die Modena, Lemon Balsam, Sherry Balsam, Honey balm, pomegranate balm, apple balm and 6 different oils taste good: walnut kernel oil, almond oil, hazelnut oil, olive oil, Styrian pumpkin seed oil and safflower oil.

6 - month subscription to TRY FOODS

The tasting experience at home. Everyone knows a wine tasting and you have probably already tasted different wines yourself, but have you ever tried different peppers, vinegars, gins or olive oils?

TRY FOODS helps you to get to know the different flavors of a food and to learn more about good products. With the TRY FOODS trial sets you can:

  • Find products that you like
  • experience a tasting at home with friends
  • give someone a special gift

Over a period of 6 months, the winner will receive various TRY FOODS boxes - which ones are they? You can choose that yourself.

Kasai salad bowl by Urbanara

Beautiful crockery adorns every table and especially for the summer you need a pretty salad bowl. How nice that Urbanara has agreed to sponsor one of the magical Kasai salad bowls.

“The Kasai salad bowl combines traditional Japanese design elements with a modern twist. Made of 100% ceramic, Kasai impresses with a decorative edge and a floral cherry blossom pattern. You can now arrange your salad even more beautifully. "

6 wine package from Ludwig von Kapff

The Ludwig von Kapff company, founded in 1692, is one of the two oldest wine trading houses in Germany. For over 300 years they have maintained close, sometimes friendly relationships with famous and aspiring wine producers around the world.

For my blog event, Ludwig von Kapff has put together a fine wine package for you from delicious and light summer wines. With these 6 delicious wines you are sure to get through the summer well: 2016 Conde Valdemar Blanco Alto Cantabria, 2017 butcher prachtstück Blanc de Noirs, Diehl Secco Rosé "one to one", 2017 Horgelus Blanc Côtes de Gascogne IGP, "1692" Ludwig von Kapff Sparkling wine, 2017 Great Pinot Blanc / Chardonnay.


4 long drink glasses from Spiegelau

Beautiful glasses are at least as important as beautiful dishes. One of my favorite brands for glasses is Spiegelau. I especially like the “Spiegelau Perfect Serve Collection”. I already call the whiskey glasses my own. Since iced tea and long drinks are definitely drunk more in summer, you get 4 of these pretty glasses for your favorite refreshment.

Tart forms from Birkmann

Obest cakes are particularly popular in summer. Fresh berries and delicious tropical fruits invite you to bake a fine fruit tart with your Sunday coffee. Would you prefer a large tart or 6 small tartlets? It doesn't matter - with the Birkmann baking mold set you are ready for anything.

Super practical: the removable, cut and scratch-resistant lifting base, which thanks to the excellent non-stick coating and the extraordinary material thickness ensures particularly even heat distribution.

Teapot Tint by Maxwell & Williams

Do you like to drink tea? Then you will definitely like the “Tint” teapot from Maxwell & Williams. The beautiful, compact teapot from the new Maxwell & Williams Tint collection with a high spout and integrated tea strainer looks elegant and modern thanks to the combination of black matt ceramic and stainless steel.

There is space for 600 ml of tea in the pretty pot. And with it you can fill the 2 matching cups and enjoy the tea.

BBQ seasoning set from Spicebar

Ready to grill? Definitely now. Because Spicebar has prepared 5 great spices for you. You can marinate steaks, tofu or grilled cheese with the rubs "Jack n Smoke", "Rauchige Drecksau" and "Kirsch-Kola".

With the pepper mixture and "Mr. Nicepepper ”and the“ Indian sun flakes ”you can season everything else (vegetables, salads, herb baguette) perfectly. An all-round BBQ carefree package for the summer.

Mason jars set from Fackelmann

Summertime is canning time - at least for me. When all the berries, fruits and vegetables can be harvested directly from the field and collected in the forest, I will be in top form and cook jams and chutneys for the winter.

Because you will certainly do that too, one of you can look forward to a mason jar set of 4 large and 4 small mason jars from Fackelmann. There are also beautiful paper labels and a mason jar decoration set with fabrics and strings to make it more beautiful.

Jamie's 5-ingredient kitchen from DK Verlag

“Cooking doesn't have to be complicated - and that's why“ Jamie's 5-Ingredient Kitchen ”is guaranteed to be your new best friend in the kitchen soon.

This book proves that good food can be made super easy. You only need five main ingredients for each recipe. This makes preparation quick and either the meal is ready and on the table or the oven does the rest of the work. We're talking about quality instead of quantity and a little attention on the kitchen front. The reward: a mega-taste experience. "

I too have already cooked a few recipes from this book - I was particularly enthusiastic about them Flatbreads with mango chutney, yogurt and boiled eggs.

Pasta luck from Moey’s Kitchen Foodblog

I have known the magical Maja for years from the web. Three weeks ago we finally met in real life. Her book is as enchanting as Maja herself. And: you are in luck, because your books are long out of print in stores. With a little luck you might hold one of her Pastaglück books in your hands. And there is a personal dedication for the winner on top.

Balanced Baking from Life is full of goodies

You probably know Mara's blog ?! I met Mara two years ago at a blogger event when we were all baking delicious bread. From the beginning I admired her pictures and found her books exceptionally beautiful and lovingly designed.

In keeping with the summer, you will receive the book Balanced Baking, which bakes without white sugar and without wheat flour. So that you can still feast on the way to your bikini figure.

Sweet & sinful baking from the blv publishing house

The second book by Tobi “The Cake Baker“. Unrestrained enjoyment from the bakery: the new trend "culinary sensuality" with unbridled passion for experimentation.

The innovative pleasure bible: sinfully good baking with unconventional techniques, beguiling aromas and forbidden rich ingredients. 50 recipes with seductive stories from Aphrodite's first kiss to the pannasutra cake.

Low carb for working people from ZS-Verlag

The third book by the Low Carb Queen Petra. “Low Carb for Working People” by Holla, the cook fairy, Petra Hola-Schneider offers healthy and sophisticated recipes on 144 pages for everyone who has a stressful everyday life and little time to cook.

For lunch breaks and quick dinners that are well prepared and quickly prepared, whether at home or in the office. Her tip: Clever meal prep ideas: Cook once, enjoy three times differently. This creates varied meals in no time at all. Simply magical.


And now all that remains is to wish "Have fun"! I'm really looking forward to your creations!


So that everything goes well, here are a few rules of the game:

  • Create a recipe with rhubarb - whether sweet or savory, solid or liquid. Everything is allowed.
  • from April 15 You have time until June 24th, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.
  • You are allowed to submit a maximum of two contributions.
  • Create a new recipe, archive contributions are not permitted.
  • For all participants with a blog: Please no cooperation contributions - your contribution should be created for my event and not contain advertising for other companies. Integrate my event banner in your post and link to this blog post.
  • If you don't have a blog, but a Facebook page, please upload my event banner on your page and link to my Facebook page and this event post.
  • Do you have an Instagram account? Then upload my event banner to your account and link to my Instagram account with @leckerundco.
  • If you don't have a blog or a Facebook page, please send me your recipe with a picture by email to tina [at] foodundco.de with the subject “Recipe for Rhubarb”.
  • In any case, no matter how your recipes reach me, please leave me a comment under this post as soon as you have submitted a contribution so that I can find all of your contributions.
  • By participating, you agree that I can use a photo of your recipe in a summary on my blog. In this summary I will link to your blogs / Facebook / Instagram pages and the recipe submitted and call for voting.
  • For the profit distribution you need a postal address in Germany or Austria.
  • If you don't have a blog / Facebook page / Instagram account, I'll publish your recipe directly in the summary after the event is over.
  • After the summary has been published, it is up to you to vote which recipe you like best. The exact modalities are then given in the summary.
  • The first 5 places will be voted on, the remaining prizes will then be drawn from all who voted. So basically everyone has the chance of winning.
  • The judges' decision is final.
  • This event has no connection to Facebook or other social media channels.

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