How much money do occupational therapists make

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How much do you earn as an occupational therapist? We'll show you what salary you can expect during and after your training.

625 vacant apprenticeships
Occupational therapist at work © KatarzynaBialasiewicz | canva

An occupational therapist deserves that

Salary during training

If your vocational school is run by a municipal hospital or a university clinic, you will receive a collectively regulated, fixed training allowance since January 1, 2019.

Training at state vocational schools is free of charge; Private schools, on the other hand, charge school fees for training. However, there are various ways of receiving financial support, for example with student BAföG.

Salary after training

When you have successfully mastered the three-year training to become an occupational therapist, the time has come and you can apply to the job market. Now you are finally getting your first salary. The starting salary of an occupational therapist averages between € 1,986 and € 2,703 gross per month. You can earn more than € 3,000 with increasing professional experience and further training through training courses and courses. With professional advancement training to become a specialist in health and social services, you can even earn a salary of up to 4,000 euros per month.

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