What is the ground crew about?

Lufthansa ground crew does a good job

Diana at the Lufthansa check-in in Ariport LA © Copyright by PANORAMO

Diana from LH rescued us after being stranded at LAX Airport
What do you need if you find out at the chick-in counter that the booked flights have been canceled? New flights, if it doesn't work on the same day, then on the next, but then you also need a hotel room and meal vouchers for the hotel. Fortunately, all hotels close to LAX Airport can be reached by free shuttle buses. The good Lufthansa fairy Diana took care of all of this with peace of mind and a lot of friendliness. Thank you so much for that.

PRLufthansa Ju52 © Copyright by Lufthansa

In contrast: pilots strikes in these times, how medieval is that?

Lufthansa pilots are the most unpopular egoists in the nation: Lufthansa is openly opposed to the pilots' strikes. Senior executives in particular want to get the flying personnel on the ground.

Lifted off the ground of realities! The cockpit website shows the press how important they are to the union ...

When pilots go on strike, they mainly make passengers suffer. The greed for more money seems to have infected some intelligent pilots like a virus and makes them doubt their sanity! There is no other explanation for the current development. Edwin Dahmer, an employee at the freight company Lufthansa Cargo, accuses the pilots that the pilots are not interested in the wage increase, but in influencing corporate policy.

And every year the marmot greets:
Pilots strike in November 2014
Pilots strike in September 2015
Pilots strike in November 2016

The LH pilots get 3% more salary every year and had recently been offered an additional 2.5% by Lufthansa, which does not seem to satisfy greed. The outdated behavior of those willing to strike is one of the most superfluous things that Germany can use right now ...

You see yourself "in the right": A compilation of the highlights of the press conference of the Cockpit Association on the failure of the remuneration negotiations at Lufthansa on November 15, 2016 on YouTube online

What the union is about is in technical jargon on the Cockpit website, everything clear?

Passenger assistance: In the event of irregularities, current LH flight information is available here

As a Lufthansa customer, I wrote the following on September 9, 2015, it could also be from today:

CURRENTLY there are strikes again.

In any case, I don't like them anymore, I can't stand their arrogant behavior any more!
Yes, I have mutated into a Lufthansa pilot hater.
A very big thank you to everyone at Lufthansa Sercive, who go out of their way around the clock to help the 140,000 affected travelers ...

I personally recommend everyone to fly with Turkish_Airlines.de (all about it here in my blog under the search term Turkish Airlines), whose pilots will never dream of even thinking of a strike and the service from Turkish Airlines is now noticeably better, than that of Lufthansa, whose pilots are from yesterday, just a discontinued model ...

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