How do websites lose customers

Never lose potential customers again!

How to get visitors back to your site for almost free!

Most visitors look at a website and leave without buying anything or contacting the company. The fact is that a lot of time and money is invested in getting visitors to your website, but in the end only a few actually buy something.

What happens to the rest of the visitors? How often have you asked yourself what potential was lost by those visitors who left the website without doing something?

Most websites lose 95% or more of their visitors. These won't come back unless you actively pull them back onto the website.

I would like to show you how every website owner can draw their former visitors back to their website in order to convince them of their services or products. We use Google Remarketing for this.

What is Google Remarketing and why is it a MUST have for every website owner?

Google Remarketing is an advertising product from Google which ensures that your visitors see advertisements on your website after they have left the website and visited other websites.

Have you ever visited a website, found yourself interested in a particular product or service, then left the website and found that if you continue browsing the Internet, you will see ads from that exact company? I am sure this has already happened to you. These are remarketing ads in action, and they are absolutely powerful when used properly.

For example, if you sell fitness equipment, you could use remarketing ads to show a special offer for one of your treadmills to those who viewed treadmill deals on your website. That way, the visitors who left your page will have an incentive to come back and buy a treadmill from you.

The same system can be used for websites of service providers.

Let's say you are a handyman and someone is looking for a handyman to renovate their home. The searcher will find your website, but before he calls you, he decides to look at competitor websites first, or he prefers to look for do-it-yourself sites. If the searcher leaves your website, you can use remarketing ads to keep showing them ads about your service, so they can change their minds, come back to your website and call you.

What if he continues to regularly see your ads all over the internet? Right, he doesn't forget your service or offer, and because your ads are ubiquitous, he'll think you are much better or bigger than your competitors.

And the best part - it's ridiculously cheap. You only pay when the person actually clicks on the ad. Google could show your ad to these prospects thousands of times without you paying a single dime.

What results can be expected?

You can expect from remarketing that potential customers will see your ads regularly and for free to you. You only pay for the ad when a visitor clicks on it to come back to your website. The conversion rates should be significantly higher than your other ads. Remarketing ads tend to have the highest conversion rates of all ads.

Does this mean that from now on all visitors will only buy from your website? No, if used correctly, you will no longer lose those customers who left your website simply because something disrupted them. These customers can now come back and continue their purchase through to completion.

Plus, with tailored ads, you can convince visitors that you are the better choice for them.