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Nikon: All DSLRs and system cameras in the test

Nikon's digital SLR cameras are in D system organized while the newer Z system houses the mirrorless system cameras (formerly 1 system). Nikon combines its compact cameras in the Coolpix model series.

Nikon introduced the D-System in 1999 as the Successor to the F series a - first model was the Nikon D1. Like their predecessors, the D models use the Nikon F bayonet for interchangeable lenses. The in-house lenses go under the series name Nikkor.

The three families of the "Nikon D-ynastie"

For the Started Nikon offers a number of affordable options in its D-System Entry-level DSLRs such as the D3400 or the D5600. These come with a plastic housing and moderate equipment.

Nikon positions its own above the entry-level cameras SLR middle class. DSLRs like the D7500 or the semi-professional D500 have more sophisticated features, such as a housing made of a plastic-magnesium mix.

The Nikon Olympus are full-frame cameras like the D850 or the D5. These Professional DSLRs are designed for professional photographers and have advantages such as more powerful sensors, durable housing and additional controls. With the D600 and the D610, Nikon also has compact full-frame DSLRs with a price for beginners of less than 2,000 euros in its range.

A fresh entry in the D-System is the Nikon Df (test). The full-frame camera in Retro style based on the design of the Nikon F models from the 1970s. The "Df" stands for "Fusion" and is intended to express the combination of "Old" and "New".

Nikon Z for future

In 2018, Nikon finally launched the new Z-System for mirrorless system cameras with full-frame sensors. This was accompanied by the introduction of the new Z bayonet and matching new lenses. The first full-frame mirrorless models from Nikon were the Z6 (24.5 megapixels) and Z7 (45.7 megapixels).

The Z series was later expanded to include APS-C models. This is where the Nikon Z 50 started.

Nikon D and Nikon Z in the test

Below you will find theNikon models tested by ColorFoto the D series and Z series. The product name takes you directly to the test reports.

The tests date from 2007 to the present day. If you want to buy a new camera, you will most likely find it among the latest models. The tests of older camera models are now more interesting for buyers of used cameras. Therefore, the test results of the individual models cannot be directly compared with one another.

We give one for each category Buying tip. In the ColorFoto test, it achieved the best test result within the corresponding price range.

Note: We have highlighted all SLRs currently still sold by Nikon by boldface. However, previous models are still used or available as remaining stock.


Our tip: Nikon D5600

Buy now Nikon D5600 Digital SLR in DX format (24.2 MP, 3.2 ...

Middle class

Our tip: Nikon D500

Buy now Nikon D500 Digital SLR in DX format (20.9 MP, 10 ...

Professional class

Our buying tip: Nikon D500

Nikon Z 7 full frame mirrorless camera with Nikon ...

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Nikon D610 in the test

Technically, the Nikon D610 is closely related to its predecessor D600 and has only a few changes. With a price of less than 2,000 euros, ...