Stink girls armpits

During puberty, the hormonal balance increases and the sweat glands become more active. Did you know that your body has two million sweat glands and that it secretes around 800 ml of sweat every day? For girls this begins around the age of nine, for boys from around eleven. Many only later notice that the shower routine should also change from then on.

Personal hygiene during puberty is important!

While small children actually never smell of sweat, the hormonal change also changes the exhalation in adolescents. The pubic and armpit area is more heavily colonized by bacteria because there are more scent and sweat glands there and are therefore more humid. So you should not only value your hairstyle and make-up in the bathroom, but also your personal hygiene. Another important aspect is also: If we can't smell, we don't like them either! Or have you ever been in love with someone who smells bad or has oily hair?

Showers and deodorant

How does the smell of sweat actually come about? The sweat glands under the arms and in the genital area develop during puberty. When the sweat is broken down by the bacteria there, a sweat odor occurs. What can be done about it? Water, shampoo and deodorant. Washing should now be part of the daily program - even several times! In addition, deodorant can fight the odor of sweat by killing the bacteria that break down sweat. A little tip: It is best to choose a deodorant with little odor. When the effect wears off, the deodorant smell mixes with that of your sweat - not a nice combination!