How much are tennis referees paid

How much do tennis referees earn?

Giorgio Tarantola, chairman of the judge from 1990 to 2008 and later director of the Lugano Challenger tournament, who was able to lead the ATP Monza in 2020, spoke about the referee system in tennis. "The referees are usually former good players, not the strong players, but in general you have to start early because you are very young to learn more about the methods and regulations.

When I was a referee on the ATP Tour, I was making $ 1,000 a week plus the expenses paid, ”he told AGI. Now the top 31 chairpersons including Carlos Bernardes, Kader Nouni, Mohamed Lahyani, Fergus Murphy, Cedric Mourier and Gianluca Moscarella will receive US $ 1,500 per week, among others.

You are also able to negotiate Davis Cup matches for the International Tennis Federation, which can earn you up to € 60-70,000 per year and work for 25 weeks. Are referees intimidated by the best players? "I've relocated to the world's number one but there isn't much time to think about who's on the pitch.

Instead, you'd better not think about it. If you're a referee, apply the rules and just try to do your best in front of so many people. There is no form of preferential treatment, but there are times when the director does not force a referee to serve.

There is also a blacklist, which means that referees ask not to serve certain players during games. "Meanwhile, Michail Youzhny commented on his new collaboration with Denis Shapovalov:" His team asked Boris Sobkin for me and then called me.

We have agreed to spend tournaments together in the USA: Cincinnati, Winston Salem, US Open. I couldn't be on time for Cincinnati so we started from Winston Salem. We'll be in New York too. We make brief views "