Can DC ever beat Marvel

"We are Marvel!" - Disney fears no DC competition + "Spider-Man" s aunt?

Marvel Buying for $ 4 billion was arguably the best thing Disney could happen. Since then, their own comic adaptations have dominated the superhero events in film and now also in television. But the competition is not sleeping (anymore). Or to put it another way: She is slowly awakening from her lethargy and finally pulling herself up to Marvel declare war.

Allow yourself to feel particularly addressed DC Comics and Warner Bros.who are planning similarly ambitious plans with two films per year from 2016 onwards. And no matter how much about that Warner-Strategy is blasphemed: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and what they are all called are not to be underestimated. In general, things are getting tighter in the superhero sector, as there is generally a clear increase in costumed and / or masked avengers. Disney-CEO Bob Iger doesn't break out in a sweat of fear.

We are Marvel, he boomed at the Allen & Co media conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. The brand has already done a fantastic job Marvel building that - when it's on a movie - really matters. Iger also has complete confidence in the coming Marvel-Movies like Ant-ManCaptain America 3 - Civil War or Doctor Strangebecause they are unique in many ways and speaks for Disney With. He is completely unimpressed by the growing competition, so don't worry.

How do you see the matter, can Warner Bros. and DC become or leave the comic primus dangerous in the long run Disney and Marvel flash off all attacks? Or might the two rivals even coexist peacefully? Their film universes would be different enough, one more colorful and funny, the other darker and more serious.

Since we're already at Marvel- Film adaptations are: Marisa Tomei (The wrestler) as Peter Parkers aka Spider-Man's Aunt May not only forSpider-Man be the top favorite, maybe she's already inCaptain America 3 - Civil War at the same time, it should actually be occupied.