About a boy ellie and marcus relationship quizzes

About A Boy- Marcus - Character analysis in GCSE English Literature

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship quizzes

Look at a sample exam question and answers for Nick Hornby's About a Boy. How does Nick Hornby present the relationship between Marcus and Ellie at this . SPAT. The Dead Duck Day. Marcus's Plan. New Trainers. Ellie. Christmas at Fiona's. Falling in Love About a Boy is the story of the growing relationship between. Marcus, a sports clubs as Will, or who were part of the same pub-quiz team. Start studying Exploring themes- about a boy. Marcus talks about Ellie, relationships and family 4. Ellie calls . Social Psychology Final Exam Quiz Questions.

Marcus tells Will about some of the trouble he has at school and Will suggests he might change his appearance to make it easier. Marcus continues to visit Will frequently through the autumn. After a time, Will stops blocking him at the door and even invites him to remain longer.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship quizzes

In Chapter 16, Will finds himself looking forward to Marcus' visits in the afternoons. They talk a lot, sometimes about school, sometimes about Marcus' father. One day when Marcus arrives there are a group of older kids pelting him with hard candies.

Will chases them off and then asks Marcus about it. That day Will decides to buy Marcus some new shoes, hoping more popular athletic shoes will help Marcus fit in at school better. Unfortunately, the shoes are stolen the next day.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship quizzes

In fact, Marcus finds himself hoping that Will will marry Fiona and they can become a big family with Will and his son, Ned. However, Marcus follows Will one day and realizes he does not have a child.

Then Marcus begins visiting Will for reasons the reader is not clear on, slowly forcing himself into Will's life. After a few months, Will begins letting Marcus into his life and even attempts to help him out with the bullies at school. Unfortunately, that does not work out well when the bullies steal his shoes. However, just the act of helping Marcus shows the reader that Will is beginning to grow up and his fear of children is beginning to ease.

Fiona is angry when she learns Will lied about his son, Ned, and about the visits Marcus has made unsupervised to his flat. Fiona tells Will and tells him to stay away from Marcus. Over the next few days, Marcus argues with his mother about his right to choose to do certain things that she does not approve of, such as eat meat and visit Will.

In the end, Marcus tells Fiona he needs to see Will because he is a father-figure, something he needs in his life. In Chapter 18, Will is unhappy because he has just heard his father's Christmas song a full month and a week before Christmas. Will decides he will not celebrate Christmas this year, but will stay in and drink. To make Will's day even more difficult, Will gets a call from Fiona asking him to see Marcus again. Will is not happy with Fiona after she nearly accused him of sexually molesting her son, so this request leaves him dumbfounded.

Finally Fiona convinces Will to meet her for a drink. They discuss Marcus and Will convinces Fiona that Marcus only wants to be friend with Will because Will is cool and can help him with his troubles at school. Fiona decides that Will is self-centered and again she asks him to stay away from Marcus.

While he waits, Marcus finds himself alone with Ellie, the school trouble maker. Ellie is wearing a sweatshirt with a picture of a man who looks kind of like Jesus.


Marcus is then called into the office where the headmistress tells Marcus to stay away from the bullies even though the bullies followed him home. Marcus gets mad and walks out of not only the office, but the school. In Chapter 20, Will is driving around just to listen to Nirvana at loud volume when he spots Marcus walking down the street.

Will does not stop, but does realize that Marcus should be in school. Later when Marcus arrives at Will's flat, Will calls him out on his truancy. Marcus tells Will about the disastrous meeting with the school's headmistress and then asks about Kirk O'Bane. When Marcus describes the picture on Ellie's shirt, Will informs him that Ellie was making fun of him by saying Kirk O'Bane was a soccer player.

Will then tells Marcus that the man's name is actually Kurt Cobain and he is the lead singer of the punk group Nirvana. However, Marcus makes it clear to Fiona that he likes Will and wants to continue seeing him.

Marcus then claims that he wants to see Will because he is a father figure, a statement that makes Fiona feel guilty for moving her son away from his biological father. This causes a great deal of guilt on Fiona's part. At this point in the plot, the reader can see some of the difficulties in Fiona's life and appreciate how difficult it is to be a single mother. Unfortunately, the reader's sympathy for Fiona does not fully explain her desire to commit suicide despite her commitment to Marcus.

Marcus continues to have trouble at school. However, he takes a stand and walks out on the headmistress, showing the reader he is beginning to develop something of a tougher skin.

Marcus also meets a young girl who teases him by lying about who Kurt Cobain is. When Marcus learns the truth, he is confused, but the reader suspects with Will's influence, Marcus will begin to learn a lot of things that will help change his precarious situation at school.

When Ellie pretends to not know this fact, Marcus tells her everything Will told him, making Ellie and her friend, Zoe, laugh. The next day, Marcus approaches Ellie again and they talk for a minute before Ellie is called into the headmistresses office for wearing her Kurt Cobain sweatshirt. A short time later, Zoe and Ellie come and get Marcus to take him to the ninth year classroom, which makes Marcus' classmates shocked by Marcus' newfound friends. The meal is a disaster because it is some vegetarian loaf created by Fiona.

The gifts were good, but there was a marked difference between the types Marcus' mother gave the child and the ones his father gave him.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship quizzes

Will gave him a Nirvana album. Then Suzie shows up and yells at Will for lying about Ned. Marcus gives Suzie's daughter, Megan, a gift and she tries to share it with Will, underscoring Will's lack of knowledge when it comes to small children. While trying to find something interesting to say to this woman, Rachel, Will realizes the only thing interesting about him is Marcus.

Therefore, Marcus allows Rachel to believe Marcus is his son. This leads to a long conversation that ends with hope of a future meeting. This friend is Ellie, a tough troublemaker at his school of whom all the younger students are afraid. This is a huge deal for Marcus, because even the bullies are afraid of Ellie.

However, the reader wonders if this relationship will outlast the one topic of conversation they seem capable of sharing, Kurt Cobain.

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Will spends Christmas with Fiona and Marcus, finding himself in the middle of an awkward family reunion that includes Marcus' dad and his new girlfriend, as well as the girlfriend's mother. She feels that he understands the awful problems which face teenagers.

Marcus admires her for her fearlessness. He is slightly afraid of her at first, but gradually comes to adore her. Ellie helps Marcus to deal with the bullies, and she and her friend Zoe look after Marcus during the dinner break at school, taking him to their form room. Ellie is amused by Marcus, and when she realises that he knows nothing about Kurt Cobain, she teases him, saying that Cobain is a footballer with Manchester United.

Ellie seems to get on very well with her mother on the whole. She tells Marcus that she just wants her mother to be happy, and this makes Marcus think about his own mother. When Kurt Cobain attempts to kill himself but fails, Ellie is very upset. She tells Marcus that Cobain hates this world and just wants to die, even though he has a wife and a little girl.

This makes Marcus compare his own situation with that of Kurt Cobain, and he feels very sad. Ellie goes on the train with Marcus to Cambridge, but as it is on the actual day when Kurt Cobain succeeds in killing himself, she is in a strange mood and is determined to get drunk. She frightens Marcus and seems out of control. When she tells Marcus that life is shit he questions her, asking if she really thinks that, because to him her life does not look too bad.

They are hardly speaking to each other when the train stops at Royston and Ellie jumps off. She goes into the town, followed by Marcus. She breaks the window, taking out the cut-out and sitting on the pavement with it. This sets up the scene nicely for the reader.

When Hornby writes that Ellie might threaten to do things to the people who looked at her when she swore or swigged from her bottle of vodka, the reader feels some empathy for Marcus, as he dealing with an uncontrollable force. Ellie is unrecognisable to Marcus at this point, and he is feeling extremely uncomfortable and helpless.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship quizzes

It is a sign of his beginning to be a bit better at understanding other people, even though he still has a long way to go. Marcus has made his mind up that Ellie and he are too different to have a relationship, but it is an indication of his broad-mindedness that he is willing to accept that, for some people, such a relationship could work very well. Marcus is becoming more realistic about the time he has spent in the past hanging around with Ellie.

But out in the world it was no fun at all. It was frightening and embarrassing. When Marcus thinks of being out in the world he means that he was always in a controlled environment with Ellie before, so she was limited in the amount of damage she could cause; however, now that they are on a train by themselves, he is starting to appreciate just how little he is able to do to keep her calm.