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“In the classic Arabian Nights tale, Aladdin's love interest was known .. Press conference that Cheran and his wife held with Tamil Nadu media. Cheran's daughter, Damini, did not quite play the part of the 'forlorn .. Annetha, do yourself a favour and do what you do best- which is to be a beauty queen. Last week we met one such person – Malvika Iyer. differently-abled children at the Centre for Child and Adolescent Well Being in New Delhi. "Why we love Rathi Menon, 's Miss Universe Singapore". .. [4] During a press conference in December , Karthik revealed that his son, Gautham, His mother, Maheshwari Amma, was the youngest daughter of C.V. Raman Pillai, the . It starred Upendra, Raveena Tandon, Prema and Damini in the lead roles.

But I needed to make sure she was moved around painlessly. I was past 60 — not exactly young — and with a back condition.

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I had to think practically. I had to find a creative way to stay fit. Besides, working out is a happier way of dealing with a challenge than complaining about a bad back! And yet he has the ability to laugh? So truly, genuinely, happily? Mano lives alone in their Santhome home in Chennai.

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Vaani is curious to know how Mano copes on a daily basis — now that Mahema is not with him anymore. She is always there with me. I work on the endowments we set up to keep her memory alive, I write books celebrating her Life, I create art which sells and the proceeds go to support causes.

You know, when Life has a Purpose, it is easy to deal with Life.

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Mahema taught me this. Video link here if you are interested. Press conference that Cheran and his wife held with Tamil Nadu media. One must acknowledge the fact that Cheran, as an experienced director with good contacts and a reliable network of high-profile personalities, clearly has an upper-hand in this case, certainly so with the media.

Cheran making a tearful plea to the courts to return his babygirl to him. Behind him, is Amir the kaypoh. And the tearful plea that Cheran made to the media he wants his daughter back is sure to have tugged at the heartstrings of even the most resolute. More so, if it involves a daughter suing her own father over a boyfriend, who has been proven by Cheran to have a less than stellar background.

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While the entire case pans out like a well-crafted Tamil movie script in fact, Cheran should do a movie out of this oneit is noteworthy that this very typically filmy plot is happening for real, in Tamil Nadu even today, and even to the most influential and insulated people, like Mr Cheran and family.

It happens here too. But there continues to be cases of parents opposing teen love and condemning all potential suitors of their daughters into one category: Now, no one knows for real how true their calculations are, and in some cases, these parents have been proven right. This is paralleled by teenagers who continue to believe that they have chosen the best possible mate for themselves, and this conviction overrides the most logical counter-arguments that you can present to them.

I had my first boyfriend when I was And we may not do several others. Whatever be the course our lives take, based on decisions and choices we make, people will have opinions.

They may cast aspersions on you. They may demand explanations. Or simply provoke you wantonly. Wherever you see no value being added with your expressing yourself, and of course when you think your speaking up will only confound the situation, it is best to remain silent. No matter what people say, remember, at the end of the day you have a job to do, a Life to live. And if you can avoid potential, wasteful conflicts by choosing to be silent, why not go about your Life and business silently?

Of course, sometimes speaking up becomes a necessity, not an option. And in all such cases, a conflict normally becomes unavoidable. But such conflict is constructive and never destructive.